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  1. Thanks for your input. Really would love that work schedule you describe, I've always hated the M-F grind... Do you think the 60/hr is attainable for a new grad in CT surg?
  2. Hey everyone, got my first job offer after graduation and since I'm pretty inexperienced with this stuff, wanted to run it by you guys. Cardiothoracic surgery, initial focus on inpatient post-ops, with surgical assisting (EVH, etc.) to follow 106k base salary, exempt, average work week of 50+, so ~ 40.7$/hour Call schedule is 1/3 (may be 1/4 after I start) on weekday nights. $40/night of call, and if called in to the hospital, pay is $47.12/hour. Weekend call also required (every 3rd or 4th weekend), at a rate of $400/weekend, again 47.12/hr if actually called in. DEA and licensing covered PTO begins to accrue after 90 day (3 month) period; 26 days/year No mention of CMEs, retirement plans, or malpractice (to be asked about later today) Health plans through staffing agency; the practice will also contribute $735/month towards health insurance. One other thing to note is that this job is in Oakland (SF Bay Area), CA, so cost of living here is pretty much one of the highest in the country. Please let me know your thoughts

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