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  1. Just forfeited my seat at Barry St. Pete due to being accepted into my dream school and carefully, VERY carefully considering both programs. Best of luck to all of you and whoever gets called to take my seat! You earned it, kick some ass.
  2. Did you choose Stanford or a different school? I'm having a hard time deciding myself. Stanford is an amazing opportunity that I know very well I will never receive again, it will open doors and provide me with resources not accessible at most schools. It's also an opportunity to grow and become the very best PA I could possibly be...but I just keep thinking about the local school I got into with cheaper tuition that would allow me to stay at home, and I keep losing sleep over it!
  3. Any advice/suggestions on the interview? Just have no idea what to expect, but seems to have been more casual than some expected?
  4. As far as I understand it, if you don't get the call a few days after your interview then you'll find out mid-December? Or is there still a chance that you can get a call at any point before December?
  5. Was just offered an interview for next week, November 13th/14th! Was absolutely not expecting this at all, and had given up hope with UF. Any last minute advice/recommendation for the interview process? Also...business professional for both days?
  6. From what I've been told it's "impossible" to prepare for the RFUMS interview. Is that pretty much the general consensus, or does anyone have any advice to offer? Interviewing this Friday, the 20th!
  7. Got an interview invite today as well for November 4th! So exciting seeing as I hadn't heard anything for the last couple of months...coming in from Tampa, FL!
  8. I have! Got an interview invite for October 20th! And I had initially received that continued consideration email too.
  9. Super bummed! Had an interview at the St. Pete campus on the 22nd, it was looking promising since I'd yet to hear anything, but just got that cancellation email... Was ready to just get it over with, now I'm freaking out about the new date being so "in the air". Hopefully they are lenient in regards to those of us with other interviews scheduled/vacations for the holidays. Going to be a crazy few months. #thanksobirma
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