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  1. Hi, I am in my on my Didactic year in University of Washington and I am looking clinical rotations at Texas! Here are some good rotations too, my campus is in Alaska . I need to look some opportunities because my husband lives in Austin, Texas, but I dont have any MD contacts there. Any suggestion. Thank you
  2. Hi, IMG: International medical graduate. I was a full time students, just waiting for the interview and I work at ASD and also like patient care technician. I received the invitation for interview on November 18th, what about you? I am nervous
  3. Thank you Jose for creating this forum. I have lived in Anchorage for 4 years and I am a Junior at Health Sciences bachelor, I am IMG and MEDEX was my only choice too.I am nervous about the interview, it seems that Anchorage is the last to interview.
  4. mmmm, we are not a lot applying at Anchorage, ohh well I have not seen many applicants in this Forum. I am applying to the Bachelor program too. Good luck to us.
  5. Hi, Did you receive an invitation? I am an IMG too, How did you do for having your GRE exempt? I would appreciate any information. Thank you
  6. yes I heard the same about the interviews, I am medical international graduate and I am in the Health Sciences major. Me too, It is driving crazy just to think about it.
  7. Hi, Happy to hear someone from Anchorage, I am applying to the bachelor this year. MEDEX was the only program I applied, I am nervous too. I am not married and I don't have children, I am an IMG waiting. It has been a long wait. I have not received interview invitation. What about you, have you received something?
  8. Anyone else waiting for Anchorage?? I know is till December... but anyone else at Anchorage?
  9. Hi, I am also an International Medical Graduate, but I am in Anchorage. Happy to hear about your invitation, how was the process for the requirements? for me was long. I believe the challenging question for IMG is why the transition to MD to PA. I hope we can talk, its is nice to know an IMG. Yanet
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