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  1. I submitted on 8/15 (in for the early consideration, eh?) and have an interview on 11/13.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about blemishes, you seem average, at worst, from here. You might want to spell check the cardiothoracic surgery bit, though.
  3. It's quite possible that the mods take your posts down because advertising is strictly forbidden in the forum guidelines: Unless you have gone through the proper channels?
  4. Although I know that your service is invaluable, I am looking for a trade rather than a paid interview prep. My budget simply does not allow for extras like that -- I applied using CASPA's financial hardship fee waiver and I buy most of my groceries with food stamps. Good luck making your ends meet as well.
  5. I just shadowed a PA who said he spent 9 years as an ophthalmic tech/first assist in surgery and had trouble having schools accept his PCE. He did end up getting into PA school (Nova in Florida) but apparently some schools weren't jazzed about it.
  6. Hi folks, Wondering if anyone wants to get together on skype or google hangouts and practice interviewing? Have interviewed for plenty of jobs, but haven't interviewed for PA schools yet, and would love a practice round. I'm glad to do it on a trade basis -- I'll ask interview questions and give you feedback if you do the same for me. Glad to facilitate a group doing this together and/or pair people off as well.
  7. Interviewing on Nov 13, driving down from Vermont, hoping my rusted out '03 Subaru Forester will make it in one piece!
  8. What would happen if you applied and didn't get in? If it would absolutely crush you, then don't take the chance. But if you could bounce back, then apply and simply send in an explanation that you had some medical problems to sort during your post-bacc, and that your more recent coursework is more similar to what you are capable of. Do well in your current classes at community college and take whatever else you need to get in. Re-do any required courses that you didn't do well in. But otherwise, move on, apply, and see what happens. Source: had a shitty undergrad 1.0 due to extenuating circumstances (including chronic mental health issues). Am still interviewing with a couple schools in the near future. Sunshine
  9. Hi all, Just an update. I received a rejection from Stanford, but have received invitations to interview at Chatham and Duke. Yay! Sunshine
  10. I sent my application in early and I haven't heard a peep from any schools I have applied to yet. On the plus side, I haven't heard any rejections, but I also haven't gotten any invites to interview yet. When does this typically happen?
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