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  1. As someone in the class above you, it really does matter. Don’t compete with each other. I love how supportive our class is. It helps tremendously.
  2. Hi everyone! Current IU PA student. I just wanted to give a little encouragement to those who may have gotten an interview off the waitlist: DONT BE DISCOURAGED! I received an interview off the waitlist a week 1/2 before the interviews. I remember feeling a little discouraged going in but I ended up receiving a call two days after my interview!! Interview is everything! So give it your all and don’t be discouraged! Feel free to ask me anything. If you don’t feel up to asking on here, you can always email me: pmzint@gmail.com -Paige
  3. I received my acceptance call at 11:30 Indy time!! My interview was Tuesday afternoon.
  4. No! I haven't. I'm checking every minute. My birthday is this Saturday. I'm hoping it's going to be a good one with an interview!
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