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  1. Current student here! We'll be sending out a document eventually with all of the places that we are currently living to give you all some guidance if you want it so be on the lookout for that early spring!
  2. You have to fill out both the 17/18 FAFSA and the 18/19 FAFSA. The summer is still considered the 17/18 year for academic calendars and will give you money for that semester, where as the fall semester is the start of a new academic calendar and you will be covered by the 18/19.
  3. @HopefulPA77 no I don’t believe it’s too late. I just submitted mine like two weeks ago. The lady I emailed had her business card in the folder we got at interview day and was super helpful
  4. I was emailing the school financial aid people and she told me to fill out FAFSA. It all depends on if you've taken out any school loans for the 2017/2018 school year for how much you will get this summer, and then she said that our second semester we will be eligible for the graduate plus plan. Has anyone started to look into housing? Just wondering if staying super close to campus is the better way to go or if living in the city is a good/bad idea. I know we'll get information later, just getting antsy!
  5. When I called for my deposit Erica said it wouldn't be until late winter
  6. I also got accepted to two schools. You're in a tough spot because everyone has told me follow your heart with which one felt right. However, my uncle is a physician and I was discussing Daytons accreditation status with him and he told me to for sure choose the school that is fully accredited. Even if you are guaranteed a seat as they say for the PANCE, he said the accreditation thing could potentially cause employers to be weary in hiring me in the future. Don't know if this helps, but good luck!
  7. I interviewed the 17th as well. I got the letter the Monday after. I have also declined as @jmjones has, so hope this opens up a spot for you!
  8. I also got this letter of intent, it was sent to my email
  9. Just made my final decision today to accept here!
  10. Thanks guys I did as well! Are you all accepting your seat?
  11. If anyone on here is a current student could you please message me! I am in the 2020 cohort and have been accepted to here and one other place and had a few additional questions that I wanted to ask a student before committing somewhere. Thank you!
  12. Thought I would start this page for us to chat, not sure when the Facebook group will be created. Just wondered, has anyone received their snail mail packet? Director Kazik mentioned this on the phone and just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one to not get it yet. So excited to meet y'all and go through this crazy journey together!
  13. I think we have until Dec 15th to accept/decline so I wouldn't get discouraged! There could easily be a second fleet of calls after that date.
  14. Thank you! I was apart of this Saturday's session and it was Director Kazik that called!
  15. Just got the call! Over the top ecstatic to be a part of this program!
  16. When you guys filled out the graduate supplemental portion on the ISU website did you just say it was for Spring 2018? Even though we wouldn't start until Jan 2019?? It's only giving me the option of Spring 2018 so wasn't sure.
  17. Do you guys mind sharing your stats? And how many days they gave you to put deposit down and such.
  18. Nope...also I messed up in my above comment, last year they heard on November 1st, the year before they heard October 28th. So hopefully this week!
  19. Nope, last year they heard this upcoming Friday based on the prior thread
  20. Anyone here a second round applicant? This will be my first interview so any insight as to interview style would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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