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  1. Hi all I plan on taking the GRE this month however I will not be applying this cycle. I am currently doing the Kaplan GRE program and it allows you to submit your scores to 4 schools for free. I would like to use that option. Would I have to submit scores again when I do decide to apply or will they have records of my scores to add to my application? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, I will be shadowing an ER PA next month. I will be shadowing the PA for 2-3 days for a 12 hour shift. Would anybody be able to describe how their shadowing experience was? Did you ask questions, take notes or help out? Did that PA write a LOR for you ? Did you keep in touch with the PA? Should you shadow PA’s closer to the cycle you are applying in so that they can write a LOR for you? I would appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Hoping to find a job with more hands on patient contact. I appreciate all the responses.
  4. Hi all I currently work as an office medical assistant. The department I work for has Physicians, Nurse Practioners and LPN's. Our providers visit patients at home and assisted living facilities. While our providers are in the field we receive calls from patients, caregivers and hospitals with calls ranging from urgent issue, medication refill, medical equipment or any questions they may have for a provider. When we get such calls we triage the call based on urgency by asking questions, give medical advice as needed, help with medication refill or any other questions. I am able to then send a message off to the provider if needed. What I would like to know is, will that be considered as direct patient contact hours or should I look for work that is more in person? I would really appreciate feedback if anyone has heard of such patient contact hours being appropriate for PA school.
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