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  1. They let me know the Friday of the week i interviewed. I interviewed on a Tuesday. So the turn around time was very quick. They are very considerate, and aware of the importance of timeliness regarding their decision. If this is your only school youre waiting to hear back on i would begin the next cycle. Not that you don't have a chance i just wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket and not begin preparing for an early CASPA submission for the next round. -Ang
  2. Financial Aid Question*** Does anyone know when your financial aid award comes through? I submitted all my FAFSAs and the school has already received everything. School starts in August. When can I expect to know how much money I will have to use towards rent or moving expenses? Thank you so much in advance! Angela
  3. Does anyone know when your financial aid award comes through? I submited all my FAFSAs and my school has already received everything. School starts in August. When can i expect to know how much money i will have to use towards rent? Thank you so much in advance! Angela
  4. Looking to connect with my future classmates until the Facebook group is created! -Angela
  5. Has anyone that's been accepted been added to the Facebook group? Ive been waiting ! -A
  6. I thought there was and i attempted to join it. I haven't been approved though it has been quite a few weeks.
  7. I am still waiting to be accepted into the facebook group! Hoping to chat with my fellow classmates soon.
  8. I received an interview via Phone on Tuesday. I have not received any emails though. So i am waiting on the details to come in to make arrangements. :) Angela
  9. I really enjoyed the interview experience on 11/7. I felt that the staff were very genuine, down to earth, and friendly. It seems like they really assess you beyond your GPA and statistics. They provided breakfast and lunch, which was very nice. It's been my favorite experience so far! Don't let your first impression of the campus buildings care you away. The abandoned-looking historic buildings are from the Naval days, and are closed until they can be fully revamped due to asbestos and lead from the old days. Once you get the tour you will see where you will spend your time. The student guides were very helpful and answered any and all questions you may have during the course of the day. The program director Grace was very involved and it shows how much the program means to her. I was really impressed with the faculty. undergrad cumulative: 3.23 BCP gpa: 3.09 post bacc science: 3.66 post-bacc overall: 3.77 I got a 159 and 153 on GRE and a 5.5/6 on the writing portion. I have a lot of work experience that i believe strengthened my app. Hope this helps, Angela
  10. I'm a caucasian female from MN and was accepted last month. I was in the minority in my interview cohort though. I would say they select candidates from a variety of backgrounds.
  11. Any tips on how to finnd housing for a couple. My spouse is coming with me. Craigslist? -Angela
  12. I interviewed on 11/7 and was accepted! I was in group B2. I can’t wait to meet everyone! My grades were by no means perfect so dont be discouraged if you’re stats have some flaws. They really look at you as a whole. It was a great experience, I’m still processing this! Can’t wait! -Angela
  13. I have never had an interview that involved writing. Any tips on how to prepare? Thanks
  14. I'll be there on the 7th as well. I look forward to meeting you. My name is Angela!
  15. I was wait-listed : / Not what I was hoping for but i'll keep my fingers crossed.
  16. HI! I'm Angela! I'm interviewing on 11/7! Nervous!!! Any info about how the interviews are run? Excited to meet you all! Thank you, A
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