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  1. Hey y'all, I'm a recent grad going through the credentialing process (actually have my TX license as of like 2 days ago, woooooo) looking for positions in Houston. It's not going great. My personal life has been falling apart and there are *bills* stacking up. I'm doing whatever I can and have been selling things on NextDoor. I'm currently working as an MA while I continue applying to PA positions but we absolutely something more if we're going to stay afloat. Any ideas? I can't express adequately how desperate things have gotten. An example- I can't even remember the last time I bo
  2. Oh shoot thanks for the reminder! Gonn get on that today. Also have you started working on your immunizations? Some of those can take months to straighten out.
  3. No link here either. Also I’m not on Facebook but if anyone wants to message me to talk about signing up for insurance or moving, that would be cool haha
  4. Got a call today at around noon MST. Beyond excited. Also for everyone on the waitlist: a person in my group asked how far down the waitlist they go and Elizabeth said they’ve gone into the 50’s/60’s before.
  5. I got in last night at 2AM. Had to take back roads from IAH to where I'm staying in Houston because all of the highways were essentially closed. Currently roads are not bad. I went out for some groceries this morning, and stayed off highways and I was fine. Good luck to everyone. Don't rush and be careful if you're driving down because Texans don't get enough snow to salt their roads. :)
  6. Got taken off waitlist. See you next week, Group A! Good luck to everyone. Anyone know of fun stuff to do in Houston?
  7. I reached out and asked if they have a ranking system for alternates--got a responses saying that it's a very dynamic process and no such thing exists/can be released. Totally fair, and it's kind of fun knowing that it's a dynamic process--anything can happen! Congrats to everyone interviewing (though please feel free to cancel so I have a better shot of getting an invite ;) ).
  8. Got a call to interview 1/09, so don't lose hope all ye who haven't received a phone call.
  9. Rejected. Congratulations to everyone that made it, it was a pleasure meeting many of you and I have no doubt that you will all make successful students and professionals.
  10. Reading the thread from last year, it seems as if everyone hears back one way or another--accepted, waitlisted or rejected. The antici.......pation!
  11. Haven't heard anything back from this school -- hoping for an interview as I appreciate their commitment to service.
  12. Just wanted to say good luck to everyone and I will meet some of you tomorrow. Really hoping this program is a good fit (and vice versa). Also psyched they're gonna have coffee in the morning, meaning I might actually be more than just a reanimated corpse by the time interviews start!
  13. Hey guys, I submitted my supplemental application on literally the last day it was possible to (Sept. 1st). I was really anxious and wanted to take my time, but in retrospect should have just gotten it over with early considering how prestigious, popular, and respectable Yale is. I'm afraid I won't get an offer to interview because of the rolling admissions process Yale employs. Do any of you have insight on rolling admissions?
  14. Yes, BS in Bio/Chem. Currently work on research park/grad U campus and volunteer at free clinic with which the PA program is affiliated. Still thought was long shot due to terrible PCE hours.
  15. GOT AN INTERVIEW INVITE!!!!!! OMG I was starting to believe I would not hear back from anyone!!!! I'm local--feel free to message me if you have any questions about the area/where to stay/about public transit. Good luck everyone!!! Stats: sGPA - 3.7 cGPA - 3.8 4500+ hrs as med tech/phlebotomy (HCE) 300 hrs volunteer PCE
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