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  1. If you can look at some radiology stuff that would help too. Plain x ray, maybe some shoulder/knee MRI if it's a sports MD. Good luck, I love ortho!
  2. Orthogurl

    I got a new job

    I was offered more at another position, but an extra 10-15 k a year is not worth weekends and nights to me, especially with a family and extra especially with a person that I didn't really feel like I would want to spend 50 plus hours a week. After 16 of experience, if you go to work and are miserable, all the money in the world does not make up for that. I live in a relativley low COL area so this salary seems pretty adequate to me, doing work that I like with people I like.
  3. Orthogurl

    I got a new job

    My hours will generally be 730 to 5 ish. There is possibility of going later in the OR one day a week on post call day, but I was told by the physician that if I had a kid obligation, etc to go to I would be able to leave by 5 and an rnfa would cover for me the rest of the time. My health insurance has always sucked mostly because my husband is a SAHD since we have no family locally, so we have purchased an individual plan for him the past decade. That has gone up astronomically the past 2 or 3 years, but putting him on my work plan would actually be worse than the individual plan we have for him now. So the group plan I will be getting is going to be a huge relief. I have never heard of Christian sharing insurance, but I sounds like it would be worth checking out.
  4. I'm just putting this out there, to hopefully help others since I was desperate to know salary and benefits while I was on my search. For reference, I have 16 years orthopedic experience (all with the same employer believe it or not) and am moving to a different orthopedic group. I live in a relatively low COL area, urban, hospital in a somewhat depressed area economically but very busy with a lot of growth in their orthopedic platform so it is a more secure job. Switching from private practice to hospital employed group. Salary 115k, bonus paid annually at 7500 3k CME plus 5 days 4 weeks PTO My health insurance costs will go down DRAMATICALLY. Currently pay 1100 a month, will be paying 450. Yay! No call/weekends. Yay! License/DEA/etc covered. I had 2 other offers as well, but did not care for surgeon or office manager at one place, and other did not have benefits that made it worth switching. I hope this is my last job change.
  5. I am a new poster here, have read numerous threads over the years and now it is my turn to ask for advice. I am looking to change jobs after 16 years, the surgeon I primarily work with will be retiring in the next 2 years and I don't want to be left in the lurch so I'm looking now. I plan on keeping a foot in the door with this practice by keeping on the after hours walk-in clinic schedule even if/when I leave. It is private practice and my observation is that there will probably not be an open full time position for me within the next couple years when I need it, as we have been hit pretty hard by hospitals buying up orthopedic groups and keeping all the referrals in their own network. Anyway, I am looking for thoughts about questions I need to have good answers for in an interview. A lot of the online "interview tip" sites are geared more for new grads. I have an interview later this month with an orthopedic group, and since I haven't had a job interview in nearly 17 years, and I assume the line of questioning will be a little different as an experienced provider. TIA!

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