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  1. When did you apply? I submitted everything like around 8/20-27. I wonder if they are going in order according to the submission date because mostly everyone on here saying they have interviews submitted around may june. Good luck!! ?
  2. Does anyone know/ think if there will be interviews the friday after thanksgiving? Trying to plan a trip but hopeful for an interview.
  3. zhx943

    CASPA Transcripts

    hello everyone, I am new to caspa and pretty much have all my application done. I was wondering about the transcripts. If I should do automatic upload or manually enter them myself. Does it calculate your caspa gpa and show you it before you actually submit the entire application?
  4. It depends. I have heard that from a committee of a PA school that they only look at it to compare stats later. Who knows!?
  5. Hello, So this is my first time using CASPA. I was wondering how do this work with letters of recommendations. If I plan on applying to several different schools would I need several copies of the same recommendation letter? Would I be able to upload them or are they direct links that I have to give to people to write me the letters?
  6. Hello All, what do you guys think if I have a D in genetics but A&B's in all other prerequisite? Would my application still go through?
  7. zhx943


    Hello All, Just wondering about the caspa application. If a school as for certain classes but it doesnt say a grade for them does it mean a D would be okay? I know its a bad grade but would my application still go through? Or does it need to have a C and above for the prereqs to be able to submit my app?
  8. Hello All, I had a major decline in grades during the beginning of my education and it was caused by being disowned by my parents. I had to pay for school, living and everything on my own. I had no vehicle or mode of transportation and had to work full time and attempt to go to class which made my GPA suffer tremendously. I have now picked up my GPA and moved back with my parents which we have a great relationship with each other now. I was wondering if I should include the whole "gay" thing in my personal statement. Or simply go around that just go by the fact that I was disowned by parents but not state the reasons why which obviously would be because I was gay.
  9. Hello everyone! I am a first time applier to CASPA. I am taking spring classes that end in the beginning of May but am also taking summer classes that end in the end of July. God willingly my GPA will be significantly higher after my summer classes. My questions is, when you upload your transcript to CASPA does it only let you do it once? Asking so that I can figure out if I should send my transcripts after the Spring classes or wait till I am completely done in the Summer.
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if this school has early applications. I am in between submitting my application as soon as the application opens but my GPA would be way better if I wait like three months after it opens. It opens in April 26 but with my summer classes ending in July my GPA would be way better. What do you all recommend?
  11. I am applying this cycle for the first I hope it goes well. Good luck to you !
  12. Hey guys, I am new here so just have a few questions... looking to graduate in dec '18 and a gpa of 3.0 and i've been a scribe for about 4 years in the ER and clinics. I have recommendation letters from physicians in the ER and a nephrologist. I have shadowed two clinic PA's and two ER PA's. I haven't taken my GRE yet but would you guys think I'd have an interview for the next cycle coming up? Also do i need to have my gre score before submitting my application? Would it be considered that when I submit my application ill still be taking classes so chance of my GPA improving? Sorry for so many questions, just found this website!
  13. Hey guys, new to this...finally decided to apply here. i am taking my gre in oct (ekk) as scores are due 11/15. Kinda late but still hopefully something happens. I am a scribe in an ER so hopefully that helps a little
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