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  1. So I just called today and she told me they will find out about their probation status end of April. We will all find out our status end of March. So just push through (or try to at least) your anxiety until the end of the month. *cries under my covers*
  2. I wonder when they're going to get off probation. They said they knew they were going to get off. I mean I have no doubt that they will, but I hope they find out soon so we can find out soon if we got in.
  3. Where exactly are you looking? I can't seem to find anything on my account page. It doesn't even say anything about my interview invite and I already interviewed.
  4. Last year they sent it out on March 16. I remember because I cried a lot that day LOL
  5. Yes, I interviewed today and they told us March 8 is the last date.
  6. Yes, it is my second time. I have been getting a lot more hands on experience and did a lot of mock interviews. Thank you so much!
  7. Yeah, I'm just bracing myself. I would love to attend this program though; I love the way they go about teaching their courses, but we'll see what happens. I hope I hear back from the other place I interviewed with as well. I need some clarity in this bubble of anxiety we live in.
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