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  1. Awesome! Which January start program? From last cycle or this cycle? if you don't mind me asking.
  2. Do they accept any substitutions for the PA LOR requirement? I have an MD, NP, and professor.
  3. Yeah good point! I just wasn't sure if it was listed somewhere and I missed it. Good luck everyone!
  4. Good to hear! What was the structure of the interview day? If you don't mind me asking.
  5. Currently on waitlist but will be denying. The facilities here are sad to be honest. Faculty was unaproachable and unprofessional. Good luck to everyone! Explore your options people!!
  6. I will be interviewing as well. Good luck to all! Anyone know how many they plan on interviewing, and what their class size will be?
  7. Anyone that has interviewed, do you mind sharing structure and any helpful tips? I applied super late to this program (mid-December) and got an interview invite a month later-- scheduled for March.
  8. Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats and when you applied? I applied to Miami back in August, but still haven't received a single email from them...
  9. Wondering if it be worth applying. I've interviewed at a few schools but have been rejected. Does anyone know how many have been accepted? How heavily they weigh the GRE? The only thing holding me back is my GRE scores.
  10. Received an email for an interview on 8/31, submitted CASPA super late (August 22nd).
  11. I received an invitation to interview on Friday for Oct 20th. Submitted CASPA August 9th, supp app August 21st
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