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  1. Just received an interview invite via email yesterday (looks like interviews will be July 12th and 13th for the Spring 2019 class), but I will be declining as I've accepted a seat elsewhere. Good luck everyone!!
  2. I'm actually coming from Ohio, so pretty far out of state lol. Thanks for whoever made the FB group! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  3. Awesome! Don't know if we got the chance to meet, but I hope we get to be future classmates :)
  4. Accepted as well!! Anyone else from the first (11/9) interview accepted to the St. George campus?
  5. That's amazing news!! Congrats to all of you guys :) Also a general question if anyone knows - does every applicant get an invitation to fill out the supplemental? I just submitted mine and was wondering if OU has started thinning out the application pool yet.
  6. Just thought I'd get the ball rolling! For applicants who are applying for January 2019 admission.
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