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  1. I was looking for one too! However, I do not think that anyone made one yet!
  2. Can people who received acceptances post their stats and how they felt after the interview? I felt like I did well, but I guess not because I was waitlisted. I have been accepted to other schools, but Thomas Jefferson was on the top of my list.
  3. I was accepted via email. I also got a copy of the acceptance letter via mail.
  4. I was accepted almost 2 weeks ago, but never posted! Good luck to everyone!
  5. I stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton which was relatively cheap and no longer than a 3-5 minute walk to Pace. The room was modern, but small. This is expected being that the hotel is located within Manhattan. I found the hotel to be very safe as it required you to tap your room key to use the elevator. The hotel was also within walking distance to reasonably priced restaurants. I hope this helps!
  6. I interviewed on the 15-16th and I have not heard back yet either. They said it could be as late as mid-October before we hear from them. Like others have said, I do not think that your stats matter as much once you receive an interview. I have similar and if not higher stats than the people who got in, I did not receive an immediate acceptance. They are just looking to see if you are a good fit for the school. In the end whatever happens, all I know is that I was myself during the interview, and I cannot change what was said now. Best of luck to everyone! There is still hope!
  7. Yes, everyone brings a portfolio to every PA interview. You honestly will feel left out if you do not have one.
  8. I received an acceptance to USJ as well. I was just wondering what interview session did you attend?
  9. I know that when I went for my interview they had said that 8 seats had already been filled. They can accept up to 45 students. However, the class of 2019 consists of 35 students.
  10. I just received my acceptance last night as well! I was wondering if there was a link to the class Facebook page since I know they had mentioned there was one at the interview session.
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