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  1. Congratulations to everyone that made it into Tacoma Class 6! You are an amazing bunch of individuals and I am certain you are all going to do great things! Best wishes!
  2. So everyone knows, they do not send all the phones calls out at the same time or on the same day. They do it over the course of the week, so there are hopefully many more phone calls to come. Keep your chins up. It is not over till you get that letter saying you were wait-listed or rejected. Stay positive everyone!
  3. Hey, congrats to everyone that received a phone call! That is awesome! Still more to go hopefully.
  4. Hey everyone! I am creating this form so everyone that who has received an acceptance phone call/letter can communicate together more efficiently. Has anyone received a phone call yet? If and when you receive an acceptance phone call/letter be sure to let us know so everyone can keep track of who is going to be the future classmates of Tacoma Class 6. Best wishes to everyone!
  5. Congratulations to everyone that received an invite! I also got a letter over the weekend. I hope to see you all there on October 21st! If anyone would like to hangout a few days before to meet for coffee or would like to pick my brain on what to expect for the interview feel free to hit me up. This will be my second interview for Medex and I would gladly share how the interviewing process usually proceeds. Email: KenWaters@KTRM.co Cell: (925) 348-3665 Best wishes everyone!
  6. It depends on the location I believe. Last year for Tacoma I think I interviewed with 30-35 other applicants. Last year they did not send out the inventions out till November, and the date for the interview was in December. This year the applications were submitted a month earlier so the dates might be pushed forward as well. Hold tight, we will hear back soon enough.
  7. Hi Jane, I'm in the same boat with you, just trying to keep afloat haha. This will be my second year applying. I was a navy corpsman for five years (active duty), EMT-B for two years and now I am currently working as a medical assistant for a family practice clinic. I love Mexican food and hot peppers. I am an avid gardener with a slight obsession of growing rare and hot peppers (ghost peppers, Carolina Reapers, red habaneros, etc.). I also got the same generic email on 07/14. Fingers crossed and best wishes! I am excited to see what this year will bring for us as well! Lets keep in touch. Take care. -Ken
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