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  1. What an amazing group!! I’m so excited for everyone. I won’t be able to make it - I was accepted to another school so I cancelled my Medex interview hoping that another applicant could have a chance to interview. Good luck y’all!!
  2. Just saw this - about to board my flight. I’ll see you there! -nickie
  3. I was able to get out of teaching a class, so I can make it to dinner! I’m already daydreaming about pesto naan..... mmmm... can’t wait to meet y’all!
  4. Yeah! I have an interview at Medex the day before so I’ll be driving down - an early morning meetup could work! There’s a coffee shop at the hospital just a couple of blocks away from the school, and a coffee shop on the first floor of the school, and a Starbucks also but it doesn’t have indoor seating. Unsure of the hours of each. We have to be there at 8?
  5. Yeah I think 5:30 or 6 would be great and may even allow more people to attend it looks like Can’t wait to meet everyone!
  6. Hey thank you for coordinating this! 4:30 might be a bit early for me as I was planning on getting in a hike at Zion to ease the nerves a bit, but will check in as this gets closer. The food and opportunity to meet y'all both sound amazing!
  7. If anyone that is interviewing on 11/4 wants to get together for dinner on 11/3, let me know! You can text me at (360) 393-9752. Can’t wait to meet y’all! -nickie
  8. Hi!! I’m driving up from Portland late the night before, so will meet y’all on the 22nd! There’s an AMAZING Indian food restaurant in the U district called Cedars. Their pesto naan and mango curry are some of my favorite foods I’ve eaten. Also, Aladdin’s gyrocery on the Ave has top notch gyros. Enjoy!!
  9. Does anyone know what the interview style is like? Some other schools I'm interviewing at are MMI, so I just want to make sure I'm ready for that in **less than two weeks**!! EEK!
  10. I just got my invite this morning and will be there on 11/4 - good luck everyone!
  11. Hey everyone waiting to hear from OHSU - I reached out today as it marks ten weeks since submission for me. I received a response back pretty quickly stating they are behind and it will most likely take another few weeks before I hear anything back. They said that all applications will be reviewed by 11/8, so at least there is a little bit of information to soothe our worried minds. Good luck everyone!
  12. Over 20,000 hours of patient care mostly as a medic, a couple few thousand more hours of other healthcare experience, shadowed PAs in 5 or so specialties, have volunteered pretty consistently with the food bank, BBBS, and some other things, 3.4 overall, 3.6 science, just finished my bachelors this summer.
  13. I’ll be there! I’m flying in from Portland on Friday and will probably head up to Zion for a hike. I leave early Sunday morning.
  14. Hi! Not sure if you check this forum still, but thought I'd ask - what has your experience been like so far in the program? Thanks!
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