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  1. I don't think your GPA is bad at all - it's on the edge of being competitive, so if everything else on your application is good I wouldn't worry too much about GPA. Many programs use the GRE as a screening measure. GPA matters a lot, GRE usually just needs to be over 300. In my experience, neither GPA nor GRE are considered interchangeable. Your GPA reflects how well you're likely to do in a PA program, your GRE is used as an admissions to guage all prospective students by the same measure. Write a great personal statement, get solid LORs, and continue to accrue PCE, and go from there, but my
  2. Please join the official FB page made by the school - see you in the fall!
  3. I created a temporary facebook page for accepted students at South, since the official page won't be created until next summer. Figured it would be a nice place to chat about the program and knoxville, places to live, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthPA2020/
  4. Recieved the interview invite via email this morning. Submitted/verified Aug 7. Unsure yet if I'll interview, I am fairly set on attending another program that I've already been accepted to.
  5. I just gave up my spot to interview on the 20th - I was accepted in to one of my top picks. Good luck to you all!
  6. Not sure what your second question is... the format was: informal convo with students at breakfast, intro of program/faculty, tour, one hour group interview, lunch, then individual interview (which was short, they tell you if you're in or not and what they might want you to continue to work on).
  7. The interview day was fantastic. SO impressed by all of the students and faculty, and the facitilites. Both first and second year students were there to answer questions and give tours. Got a great vibe. I was accepted - they tell you at the end of the day. Good luck to everyone, I'm thrilled to be joining the class of 2020 next fall.
  8. Invited to interview via phone call this afternoon! Will likely attend the session on the 20th. CASPA submitted/verified Aug 7.
  9. I'll also be there on Oct 13. CASPA submitted August 7.
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