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  1. I've seen this with IHS as well. Reached out to an IHS facility in a very rural area and they are using locums to cover all their shifts so have multiple vacancies but won't post for PA but some of the locums are PA's, logical...... Anyways the locums pay is bad so there goes that idea
  2. I'd recommend Rosh review or Hippoed. Both around that price but both good in my opinion. Rosh has good questions and Hippoed has some great videos
  3. I've done ACLS, PALS and BLS instructor. With those it's teach two every two years for the recertification. It was nice when I was a paramedic for extra cash. Maybe after residency I'll get back into teaching. I didn't mind teaching and predominantly taught 4th year medical students, pretty fun as they were all eager
  4. Although I've heard ARC-PA is back to accrediting residency programs I've heard the cost to get accredited is over 20k. PA residency programs don't make money so I would look at things beyond this accreditation as some programs opened during the time where they were not accrediting residences. Also as many have mentioned the term residency and or fellowship gets thrown around way too loosely. I'm in an 18 month residency but there are private groups in my area saying that they have residences prior to starting that are 90 days. That's an on boarding process not a residency. I'm glad
  5. The classes are synchronous where you'll have roughly 8-10 hours of live class a week. It'll take 50 hours a week dedicated to school to get by and in my case 60-70 hours a week to get A's. If you plan on trying to work more than 24-36 hours a month, you'll fail out, I saw it. I wouldn't work or else you won't have even the little amount of personal life PA students have. You can refer to previous application cycle forum topics for UND as I've answer a significant amount of questions including this one previously.
  6. I went to a cheap PA school, add in cost of living and other expenses, to be transparent 1/4 of my debt was from paying monthly premiums through mnsure, a single payer healthcare system essentially...... Got a few friends north of the boarder waiting 2+ years for knee replacements and hip replacements as they are not considered emergent but hard to pay bills and keep the farm when you can't climb in a tractor. THERE IS NO PERFECT SYSTEM! I'll gladly take my employer private insurance these days even with the cost.....
  7. Early to mid September, they don't do rolling interviews. Interviews mid October, offers after Thanksgiving
  8. I guess knowing that it is an urgent care fellowship I would understand leaning towards a surgery job. With proper oversight and on boarding I do think the two jobs we are best prepared for through the PA curriculum are urgent care and primary care and see less of a need for residency in uc or FM.
  9. I find that most advanced practice provider recruiters have zero idea of the differences in education between the two professions and are normally pretty shocked when I tell them. Always have to be a good spokesman or spokeswoman for the profession.
  10. Shouldn't be an legal obligation. I would do the fellowship though. 12 to 18 month sacrifice to put you shoulders above the rest. Coming from someone in an 18 month residency with extensive prior medical experience. The jobs I'm looking at post residency likely would have taken anywhere between 5-8 years experience without the residency to get
  11. ACEP still wouldn't be happy if we changed our title to doctors helper. Sometimes there's just no way to appease everyone.
  12. Do a residency. There are a lot of EM residences out there as well as hospitalist/CC residencies. I graduated last May and started residency last June. I was a paramedic for 10 years prior to PA and even with that experience I still strongly suggest a residency. I've learned a huge amount
  13. Former paramedic, now a PA-C in residency, looking for jobs for when I finish residency and there are a lot that only will take an NP. Doing central lines, art lines, lumbar punctures, reducing fractures etc it's awesome but my dream job won't hire a PA. One year in wishing I would have gone medic to RN then NP even knowing my knowledge wouldn't be what it is but I could then live where I want to live and work in the setting I'd like to. Already figuring out a backup plan outside of medicine if NP's take over.
  14. There is huge differences between Yale and UND. UND works really hard to keep a low overhead which keeps their program affordable. They have less staff than most schools but the cost to attend UND is still under 38,000$ where Yale is over 110,000$. That's significant. Those numbers for both schools do not include room and board. Being from ND, SD, MN, MT and ID significantly helps. Applying with a rural preceptor helps. Being from and commitment to a rural area helps. I graduated from UND. I applied twice, first year to 22 programs and second year to 9 programs. I sold a lot of posse
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