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  1. Depending on where you live it could take up to eight weeks post graduation to get your liscence. I'm fortunate from taking the PANCE to residency for me was less than 3 weeks and I still went back to doing some construction in the mean time. I don't think I'd sit on my hands for four months but finding employment for a short window may be tough
  2. I think I got the email around 0800 CST. Took four business days to get results
  3. Thanks EMEDPA! I'll definitely start a topic/blog and do weekly reports. I initially wasn't that excited about a residency but in these uncertain times I feel super fortunate to be in one, learning additional information and just being employed. It's going to be tough living in a large city as I love the outdoors but will be worth it. I hope to practice full scope at some point in my career in EM on an American Indian reservation as I did a lot of my time as a paramedic working on a reservation.
  4. All of the above information is fantastic. I graduate in a month, take the PANCE and as long as I pass mid June I start residency. Yes it is a lowered income but I'll be cutting checks long before classmates. I was a paramedic for over ten years, taught a medical school procedural cadaver lab and I'm a 4.0 student. With that being said trying to work solo straight out of school scares the living daylight out of me. I'm doing an 18 month residency. I hear a lot of for profit hospitals saying they have a "residency" it's a few month on boarding process not a residency. I'm talking a huge hit doing a residency but it's still more than I made as a paramedic. I've already talked to hospitals about working for them post residency and showed them the list of compentiecs I have to do in residency and they were beyond impressed as most of their locum physicians don't do many skills you will learn in residency. I'm excited for residency!!!! I'd definitely look into it and you can always message me in a few months and I can let you know about my experiences.
  5. I wore a suit to mine, I've always been a bluejeans and boots kind of person but for any interview I always wear a suit.
  6. Inquiring input on online video series that review the PANCE blueprint. Rosh is something I am using for questions and methodically going through the explanations. I've heard good things about both Hippoed and smartypance but know there are a few others out there. The pace I'm at I will get through the 3,100 questions on the Rosh but I want something that covers the review. I'm a visual learner and did most of my studying by drawing things out so I'm trying to study that way for the PANCE. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  7. I recently interviewed and accepted a position in an EM residency. I think it varies on location regarding applicant pool numbers. I was able to speak after acceptance with one of the faculty members and was told my letters of recommendation made me stand out as well as past experience. Teachable individuals that work well with others I feel like is one of the most desirable traight employers seek. Was in EMS for ten years as a paramedic. My GPA through 5 semesters was a 4.0.
  8. It dosen't necessarily need to be in a rural area as long as it is family medicine/family practice. If you could find a preceptor in the area you live it doesn't hurt to apply
  9. There are a few hotels that offer month rates at a discount that the school let's you know of, some stay with friends, some live here, there are a few places on Airbnb as well. If you have a camper trailer in the warm months there are camping.
  10. The schedule can be found on the UND PA Program Page, click on the program drop down tab and then select design and history. On average you can plan on 50+ hours a week dedicated to school many times 60+ hours a week and sometimes even more. Time on campus are full days and most study before and after class for several hours. Over breaks there is still work to be done to prep for the next classes, it is ill advised to take anytime off not during breaks. First semester I averaged 65 hours a week studying, I would say most were between 50-60, some more and very few less, second semester was similar and campus time I would say most dedicated 60 hours a week and that figures in roughly 40-45 hours of lectures/labs. Even with an extensive medical background and extensive educational background you still need to study a lot.
  11. My HCE was being a paramedic, my volunteer was at a food shelf and my shadowing was several Pa's. Yes I entered it in CASPA and in my CV (resume.) It's like filling out online job applications, even though you have everything on your resume you have to enter it into the different sections. This is how they calculate hours. It is redundant but there is no way around it. CASPA took a lot of time I recall
  12. I didn't prepare to be honest, and no I'm not the kind of person that stuff comes easy to or I'm intelligent by any means. Focus on how you would right a short paper, that was the only thing I thought about a head of time. In regards to specifics we were asked to not share any additional details to others interviewing is what I was told during the interview process
  13. You will question your sanity at times there is no doubt about it. Even with an extensive background the majority of material will be new. I applied two cycles and once to UND, I didn't have my undergraduate done in time to apply the first time. First cycle 22 schools zero interviews. Second cycle nine schools and two interview offers but only interviewed at UND, it was my top choice being from rural MN. I live near a few students and meet up on occasion and also study online with the schools interface similar to Skype with students that live aways away. We have live class online six hours a week
  14. They will accept up to 35, 34 in my class, in regards to loss of attrition I'm not sure, the first 8 months are online besides the orientation week in May so I don't know those numbers. It is not for the faint of heart most study a minimum of 50 hours a week and many study more. Working is ill advised. Summer semester I only took one day away from the books
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