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  1. I'd recommend truck driving. A CDL can be obtained easy and part time truck drivers in the Midwest make about 40-50$ hr. I might renew my DOT physical and go back to driving some. I think part time school bus drivers are 30$+ if you don't mind kids. It's not a ton of money but it turns my mind off from medicine
  2. My frustration is how I see those in heathcare treat those currently sick with covid. I see providers and nurses in the ED walk in on a covid positive patient and ask, "are you vaccinated? No? Why not?" And them treat them poorly based on vaccine status. I am for the vaccine, I am not for belittling sick people on their vaccine status. Healthcare illiteracy is a term that comes to mind and these patients are deathly scared when they are diagnosed with covid and then treated like less than a person. Although we not agree with everyone's personal opinions I think we need to remain empathetic
  3. You can defer loans while in residency. You can also pay on them or pay on interest occurring on them during that time. There are also incredibly cheep PA programs out there, public institutions in less than desirable areas. Tuition for my school for the whole program was 37k for residents 58k for non residents. I did state undergraduate and worked full time doing that and paid for it up front. Residency pay shouldn't be a deterrent. My classmates came out average income of 110k a year. Post residency I'll likely clear 50k more than that without over time in a rural area. It boils down to the ability to take the hit initially for a better long run but it is not for everyone. I don't have a spouse or children so I could but I understand that is not the case for everyone
  4. Nope, I would say I average about 50 hours a week of work. When I was in the ICU I was working roughly 80 hours a week
  5. It will undoubtedly have some effect, they do look at last 60 credit GPA at UND as well or previously have
  6. Apply for a residency, I finish residency in December and it's definitely opened doors. The places that understand what a residency is will find you a job. I had an interview at a place that was essentially going to create a position for me.
  7. Ideally working rural ER, put roots down, find someone who will tolerate me hopefully and maybe a child or two. While at work I'm 100% dedicated to work but I won't chase money. I'd like to have the occasional student, work with the local EMS agency and hopefully assimilate some practices that are practical that I learned in residency. I'll take less pay and even less benefits to work for an independent community hospital. Corporate is not for me. Matt
  8. 3m M Modal Direct with Phillips microphone works pretty good. I used Dragan for nearly my entire clinical year in school and it is not nearly as good. I've seen several doctors legitimately throw the Dragan across the room or beat on a desk with it. M Modal you can also use through an app on your phone, slightly slower than the Phillips mic
  9. They take a handful each year out of the Midwest but higher likelihood of admission if your from ND, SD, MN, MT......
  10. Had a patella dislocation last week, patient previously had a record of this happening. Stated they needed propofol for reduction. Patient was pretty hysterical and ended up with a wiff of fentanyl and versed. After reduction asked for 30 tabs of oxy to go home with Needless to say that didn't happen and they then wanted to see a "real" doctor. And before anyone asks we imaged for fractures and they were unremarkable
  11. Where are you finding 1.75% on a 5 yr loan for student loans if you don't mind sharing
  12. I think it's acceptable to hold a job for a short period of time with a solid reason. Try prn locums urgent care. This is decent pay and also doesn't burn bridges
  13. This is new, although I reached out to all the agencies I worked for and I think it was human resources that informed me of my hours of employment. I'm sure if they could send you that on a letterhead that would work. I think the more formal your application the more diligent it shows schools
  14. I just recertified for my 5th time (ten years.) I don't think it would hurt to keep it, it's 25$ every other year for national recertification. I'm hoping post residency to land a gig where I can be involved with the local EMS agency, protocols, training, hiring etc. I'd take a transfer at the end of my shift if I have coverage and if ALS is not available. I get compliments on my rapid trauma assessments and my ability to have plan A,B,C etc. Medics in my opinion deal with adversity better than anyone else on the civilian side of things. I helped with interviews for the residency class behind me, we took a medic but also turned away a medic due to personality. It helps but won't seal the deal
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