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  1. Beyond grateful to receive another opportunity to interview at LLU - this is my top choice especially after interviewing with the program last cycle. I’ve heard only great things about LLU’s PA program and have interviewed other medical professionals who came from LLU and I think they really focus on selecting individuals that fit their mission and values. I will be interviewing on October 23rd! Please private message me if you’d like to introduce yourself and I’m happy to answer any questions / get to know you! - Christine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I received this e-mail this morning and was hoping someone could chime in and expand on what this means? "Greetings from Salus University and thank you for your interest in our Physician Assistant Program. The Office of Admissions is processing and reviewing applications on a daily basis. At this time, you have not yet been invited to interview for the incoming class of 2021. However, your file is still active and under review as the program continues to invite candidates to interview and admit on a rolling basis. We are anticipating that the interview process will continue until January. While it is still early in the application cycle, we encourage you to submit any updated grades, GRE scores and patient/shadow experiences as they become available that were not originally part of your CASPA application. These may help to enhance your record. Please note: Official transcripts and GRE scores can be sent directly to Salus University at the address below or electronically while shadow and patient care hour updates can be emailed in paragraph form to this email account. We hope that the information provided is helpful to you."
  3. I am BEYOND excited!!! This is now my third cycle applying to PA programs and i'm thrilled that so early on in the cycle I was invited for an interview in August. My interview date is August 3rd - if anyone is interviewing on this date, i'd love to connect!
  4. I'm incredibly grateful and flattered to have received my letter in the mail stating that I am on the Alternate list :) Regardless, I will continue with preparing for next year's cycle and if anyone has any idea what the waitlist process is like at LLU please PM me! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted!! Best of luck to everyone on here~
  5. Congratulations!!!! This is such a nervous time for all of us waiting [emoji1374] can I ask when your interview date was? What time did they call you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I also received this email. It actually brings some comfort knowing they review applicants extensively and I’m sure there were many qualified candidates to choose from. Let’s all remain positive and good luck to you all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Received an invitation to interview in February and I am thrilled beyond measure. I feel so honored and grateful. Looking forward to preparing for interviews and meeting the current students/faculty!
  8. I received an e-mail today offering me an interview and scheduled this for Saturday, January 27th. Definitely cried at work with my boss about what a humbling experience this journey is. Cheers! Would love to hear from all of any interview tips/recommendations :)
  9. Hello everyone! I also received an e-mail today that my application passed the initial screening. I love that they sent a status update :) Best of luck to all!
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