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  1. I was wondering the same thing. The June 15 deadline is approaching soon. My app was sent to admissions 8 weeks ago and I still have not heard back it’s making me nervous.
  2. Congratulations! Do you mind sharing when you submitted?
  3. ooh they meant Yale will hold LORs for a year... I thought they were referring to CASPA. ugh, awful luck for me. my professor who wrote my lor is out of the office until august
  4. Do the lors show up on caspa? I reopened my caspa app and they weren’t there? Mine are less than a year old also!
  5. Alright guys, the 8 week mark since my app was sent to admission is coming up in 1 week, and I have yet to hear anything yet. I am schedule for the CASPer on 5/14. I am really hoping to hear something soon. I was told it would be 4-8 weeks, but could be longer. How long did it take others to hear back after your app was sent to admissions? I am just looking for some hope that not having heard back yet isn't a sign of rejection the waiting is the worst part of this whole process
  6. Hey everyone, does anyone have the link for the program information? When i look on their website I do not see PA listed under the programs list. Is this school accepting applications for the 2019-2020 cycle?
  7. Yes!! This is exactly what I was hoping for, to avoid caspa all together. I really do not want to reapply with caspa unless I have too. It’s so expensive and I don’t want o hav to ask for the lors again, it’s ridiculous they won’t hold those from the previous cycle
  8. Mine has been in review since March 25, I still have not heard anything back. I was told approximately 4-8 weeks by admissions and as late as June 15th. The wait is killing me also!!
  9. Hey everyone, I also applied to Yale and am extremely anxious to hear back. This is my top choice program, and am so excited. My app was complete and sent to admissions March 25, 4 weeks ago. I was given a timeline of 4-8 weeks to hear back. How long did it take others to receive an interview invite? I’m halfway through the projected timeline but the wait is killing me!
  10. No email for me. I’m assuming that’s a rejection. Good luck to everyone who received an invite!
  11. Thank you for the update! Does that mean rejections will also go out tomorrow if we are not invited for an interview? Or do rejections go out at a different time?
  12. Has anyone received an interview invite after receiving the last email about still being considered for the next round of interviews? If not, does anyone have any insight as to when those invites will be sent out? And I agree, the waiting is the most awful part!
  13. If you do not get an interview, they send out those rejections the end of February.
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