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  1. How much is the pre pa membership? is this something that is recommended to put on CASPA?
  2. I agree with casting a wide net, the application fee doesn't deter me from applying, its the fact that even though I meet all the requirements and would be a great candidate, because of their tier system, my application will not even be read. I will be placed in the lowest tier since my lowest gpa is my cum at 3.14 ( but my highest gpa is 4.0 for pre req). I was told my application was not read as they did not go below 3.5 gpas, so my outstanding LORs, patient care hours, and statement were never even looked at. that is unethical in my opinion. I was just more curious how others felt about their tier system, if I was the only one bothered by it
  3. Im more upset that 1) they use your lowest gpa to place you in a tier (using the same gpa for all applicants, such as pre req gpa, would level the field and compare applicants equally) 2) they accept application fees from applicants who meet their requirements but do not read their application and give it a fair review.
  4. I did email their university recruiter, Shea Heagle, and she did confirm they will be reviewing applications using the same gpa tier system this cycle.
  5. How do you guys feel about their gpa tier system? I am not planning on reapplying here this year since I know they will not read my application. I feel like its unethical to accept applications and fees from applicants who meet the program requirements but not read their application due to the way they place us in tiers. any one else have thoughts on this?
  6. I agree with you, I’m sure interview invites are wrapping up. I tried to ask for an update but I only got the standard response “your application is still under review”. I wish rejections would be sent out as they go through apps instead of making you wait this long to find out.
  7. Congrat! Do you mind sharing when you submitted and your app was sent to admissions? I submitted in March and it was sent to admissions March 25, i still have not received anything as of yet. I also completed Casper already.
  8. For acceptances or interviews? At least on this thread, there doesn’t seem to be too many people having received interviews, and we are supposed to have a final decision by June 15. I’m curious when they plan to have interviews completed, since we are running out of time for the deadline. I’m hoping that having not heard back yet isn’t a sign of rejection
  9. I was wondering the same thing. The June 15 deadline is approaching soon. My app was sent to admissions 8 weeks ago and I still have not heard back it’s making me nervous.
  10. ooh they meant Yale will hold LORs for a year... I thought they were referring to CASPA. ugh, awful luck for me. my professor who wrote my lor is out of the office until august
  11. Do the lors show up on caspa? I reopened my caspa app and they weren’t there? Mine are less than a year old also!
  12. Alright guys, the 8 week mark since my app was sent to admission is coming up in 1 week, and I have yet to hear anything yet. I am schedule for the CASPer on 5/14. I am really hoping to hear something soon. I was told it would be 4-8 weeks, but could be longer. How long did it take others to hear back after your app was sent to admissions? I am just looking for some hope that not having heard back yet isn't a sign of rejection the waiting is the worst part of this whole process
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