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  1. Thank you very much for the great advice and positive outlook! I'm definitely going to take it seriously and am now currently researching some high quality community service around my city. There are a lot of places and now would be a great time in wake of hurricane Harvey (Houston is 3 hours away). Also, I like your comment on keeping the PA shadowing to a minimal amount in order to develop a genuine relationship. That's a great alternative. Less is more right? I'm confused in regards to your comment about not wasting time retaking a class unless its a pre-req. English is a basic pre-req
  2. I'm 26 and currently have the prerequisites needed for an associates in nursing. I got into a program and realized I wanted a higher level of education with more involvement in medicine. So now I have no associates but rather large amounts of college credits with a four year gap since taking my prerequisites. Aside from leaving the program in 2014 I had not taken anymore prereqs since 2013. During my freshman year of college I was back and forth about career paths and did not apply myself the best I could of at that time. When sophomore year came around I was ready with a new mindset but life
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