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  1. Hey @sabshak! Below is the list of things required before they start to consider your application. CASPA Application Supplemental Application Supplemental Application Fee GRE Scores Letters of Reference I turned it all in at once so they sent me an email saying they received all of the required items and had the above listed in the email. Since the fee is on this list, I'm pretty sure it is needed before they consider you for an interview.
  2. I think showing more can never hurt. My resume had all 3 categories. I coupled shadowing with school achievements.
  3. I was just about to update you guys on this. Both Ms. Tea and Ms. Sheila update your hours as quickly as possible when you send them to this email! There is also a link that might be more helpful. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/mercerptcareupdate Ms. Tea says if this option is easier for you to update your hours, you can use this instead. Let me know if you guys need anything else or have any more questions. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!
  4. @ahernandez Yes ! They send you a confirmation email. If they are missing anything they will send you an email for that as well.
  5. @ahernandez way is correct. Professors are still getting back to me on the supplemental too so I'll update when I get info. Also HAPPY APPLICATION DAY EVE
  6. Hi @tarynnoelle Thank you so much. From what I can recall, The supplemental will ask you for updated information. Let me ask my professors today and I'll get back to you this afternoon.
  7. Hey @ahernandez They will send you the supplemental link! At least that's what they did for us. So if nothing has changed, they will email it to you.
  8. Of course ! That's honestly why I started doing this because of all the programs I applied to Mercer was one of the few that didn't have a current student answering questions on here. And it was so helpful to hear from the students who were active on the forum . So I'm glad to help in anway I can! If you have anymore questions about applying or student life or the curriculum just let me know !
  9. Hi @KThames Mercer definitely looks at your application as a whole, so if you have things that you are concerned about, I'm sure that your great GRE and pt care hours will balance it out. I don't know everyone's application GPAs in my class, but I can tell you we had some second career applicants in our class as well. Mercer is definitely not an "all about grades" program. Even within the class we're not allowed to talk about grades so the atmosphere is pretty different from med schools. If you are within the requirements, then I feel like you have an equal chance as anyone else. I was honestly forced by my parents to apply to Mercer. I wanted to move far away and they convinced me to apply to one Ga program at least. Mercer isn't really known amongst applicants for their PA program (I still don't know why) but It wasn't until I went on my interview that I realized how different they were (in a good way). Mercer was my 5th and last interview and honestly my most favorite interview. I felt so welcomed by the staff and the students and the atmosphere was very different than other programs I had visited. Everyone seemed very relaxed and excited to get to know you. The way the students talked about the professors was a plus as well. I've always gravitated toward small, family-type atmospheres for anything in my life. It was how I picked my college, my travel volleyball teams, my previous jobs and my church. It meant a lot to me to find a school that would see me as more than a student and I can definitely say Mercer does that. By the time I left the interview, it was my top choice and I didn't care if I had gotten into any other school.... I wanted to go to Mercer. Luckily, I got in and I can definitely say that it was the right decision for me. You can just tell that the professors are there for YOU! They have an open door policy and are willing to talk to you about class or life. I've had a lot of family things going on in the past few months and my professors are just so accommodating. A few of them have even been constantly checking up on me as well. The other day I sat in my professor's office and asked her to go over 100 slides of X-rays because I just wasn't seeing the abnormalities and she was so patient with me. Basically I love Mercer because they truly care about you and they are for you. The professors do their best to make your PA school experience as stress free as possible. All of this to say, if you get a feels right vibe then go for it! I got it at Mercer ONLY. Every other school was fine but Mercer was definitely different. One important thing that applicants forget is that when they go on the interview, they are interviewing the school as well. This is the next 2 -3 years of your life! You want to make sure that wherever you are is going to take care of you during that time. Yes there is a cadaver lab. However we don't do the dissections. The PT students dissect for us and we go in after them. Yes, you get your hands in the body and pull out organs by yourself. No, you're not cutting. There are probably 3-5 students per body and we also have open lab. During open lab you could be in there by yourself so that helps. I thought I wouldn't like not cutting the cadavers but after having anatomy, I realize now that cutting is the tedious part that takes away from the actual learning. Since the cutting was all done for us, we got right to finding the structures, which I liked. Also I honestly don't know how anyone would have time to dissect. I know other programs do it but when you have classes on top of that it would be hard to not be stressed. I'm definitely biased but I feel like Mercer's approach allows me to learn a lot and not be as stressed. I love living in Atlanta. There is something to do ALL THE TIME. This can be good and bad. If you have FOMO (fear of missing out), it might be a little anxiety inducing since something is going on everyday haha but when you get accepted, you will have a social chair that will be responsible for organizing hangouts for the class. It helps you think you're not missing out on too much! Feel free to ask me anything ! Hope this helped.
  10. Hello Everyone I am a current student at Mercer and I would love to answer any questions that would help you in your application process. Even though I can't tell you exactly what they will ask you on interview day, I can help you understand what we are looking for as a program ! And for all of you who need more info on Mercer or more info on what it's like being a student at Mercer, I can help with that too. Just let me know!
  11. Hi ! No the last interview date May 31
  12. New update! The June interview is no longer a thing. We will only have two more interviews. Congrats to everyone that has been accepted! If you have any more questions feel free to message me!
  13. Just wanted to let you guys know that another interview was added in June! So there will be 3 more interviews.
  14. There is a girl in our class that got accepted in October. So it could go as far as then but they would update you
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