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  1. Hey, Congrats on your interview! There will definitely be a 2-on-1 interview and a group interview but there will not be a student panel. The professors are meeting today to go over the new format for the interview so if anything changes I will let you know. Good luck on Monday !
  2. Good luck! I know you're here right now and I hope everything went well!
  3. No problem! I brought copies to all of my interviews and never had to hand them out. I don't think it's necessary. Mercer won't ask you for it.
  4. Hi ! Of course. I am always happy to help There are a lot of things that I love about Mercer but the one thing I really love is the atmosphere of the program. The professors do a great job communicating with the students. They also do well at taking criticism and incorporating it into changes made for the program. I can tell that the staff is really there for us. They don't want us to be stressed. They make sure to cultivate a cooperative/ non-competitive atmosphere amongst the students. It's like we're all family and we all have each others' backs (students and professors). We hav
  5. Hey! The interview consists of a 2 on 1 interview (you being the 1), a group interview (kinda debate style) and a student panel. We don't do MMI anymore.
  6. Nyla Yes they will have access to your applications. They should have them in their hands while they ask you questions. Godsey Matthews is an amazing way to not only get students involved, but to also allow certain students with leadership abilities to be the voice for the class. There are individual positions in the society that help make our lives as PA students easier but the thing I like about GMS most is that they act as a liaison between the students and the professors. They are constantly in communication with our professors (and the program director) about what may not be wo
  7. I would call admissions just to check up on your application. Things unfortunately get lost or sent to the wrong place all the time. Follow-up and see how your application is doing. Don't lose hope
  8. Be yourself for sure! They can tell when you’re faking it and they catch on to inconsistencies. Also, consider that they are on an interview for you too so take time to really think about what you want to get out of your experience in PA school and take time to make questions that cater to those needs. Because at the end of the day, you don’t want to get into just any school. You want to make sure that whatever school you’re giving 2-3 years of your life to will be worth it.
  9. If by March you haven’t heard anything, I would call or email to check on your application. Someone’s got lost in my class so you never know.
  10. Not sure but I know they don’t give out all of the invites at once. Some people might reject or reschedule as well, so things are always changing.
  11. The Facebook group will be made for you guys by the NEW STUDENT CHAIR around July. Until then you can start a new forum post on here to communicate with each other!
  12. No, they are always going over applicants. There are people in my class who didn’t receive an invite until April or May. Don’t lose hope! There is still a chance.
  13. I'm not sure exactly when you will hear because it depends per candidate. Mercer is constantly evaluating applicants though. No answer can definitely still be a good thing.
  14. Hi @Ktowe5 Correct. They no longer do the MMI style. Because of this, I am not sure what types of questions are asked (my interview had MMI style questions). What I do know is that every interviewee that has gone through the group interview said it was fun. It's more of a discussion/debate style apparently. So I would think ethical/situational questions would be presented here.
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