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  1. They're going great. So far we have only had 1/8, but mine + my close friends and other classmates I have spoken to have had wonderful experiences. From my own experience and talking to my classmates it seems like all the preceptors are solid and we have been learning and seeing a lot! It's nice that Lipscomb actually sets up your rotations and takes the pressure off having to find them yourself, it ensures that our rotations are of ARC-PA standard quality.
  2. Hey all...I'm a second year student in the program and just wanted to hop on to say if anyone has any questions that they want answered from a PA student perspective feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer! Feel free to message as well (You are also welcome to express your stresses and I can try to console you because I've been in your shoes) Overall, Lipscomb's been a good place with good people and giving us an excellent education along with useful experiences--can't beat that :)
  3. Provisional accreditation IS full accreditation. Provisional accreditation is simply the only accrediting status a new program can receive. Lipscomb has met professional standards for every ARC-PA standard so don't let the "provisional" status deter you! They are just waiting for its first cohort of students to graduate to become Accreditation-Continued. More information can be found here if you're confused about the term: http://www.arc-pa.org/accreditation/provisional-accreditation/
  4. I'm not just saying this because I go here, but this is a PHENOMENAL PA program. I'm a month in and 10/10 Would recommend lol. I've seen other PA programs and Lipscomb is just great. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. I'm from Michigan and wish UofM flint was starting sooner, but I already am going to PA school! I don't know too much about their campus but I have a friend who went through the PT program at UofM Flint and had a great experience. Although she lived in a suburb area outside of Flint, the campus area is very safe. Going to school there would be worth it just for the connections. Flint is seriously a good place for healthcare providers to work in and a much needed place for them too. Just look how high PAs get paid there and the cost of living is low too https://www.physicianassistantedu.org/michigan/michigan-salary/ Regardless of pay, they're a city in need and I'm so happy they're opening up a school that could potentially fill their provider shortage! Definitely look into their program.
  6. Feel free to PM me if you want some tips! I promise once you actually step foot into the school your nerves will go away because their staff is so friendly. ?
  7. I was actually accepted somewhere already and starting in a week! ? I was just curious with Trine since it's a new program and all and I really liked Dr. LeBarbera! I'm so happy for you and that things worked out! They always do when the time is right
  8. Don't be nervous! Their interviews are greatttt!
  9. My PA school starts in two weeks and I too am moving 8 hours away from my husband because he's finishing up medical school! I'd rather just go to school now and get it done in the 27 months for hopefully a lifetime to be together! I didn't like the idea of long distance at all, but I care a lot about my career and can't wait to start school! You're definitely not alone.
  10. I'm curious as to why you say this? My husbands a fourth year med student and every rotation he's worked at with PAs, he says he wishes he was a PA.
  11. Wow..that move from cali to ohio must've been brutal haha. I keep telling myself it is only two years, and I know it'll go by fast. Best of luck to you finishing up rotations and graduating. ? I definitely do want to attend PA school now and not go through another application cycle. My husband is completely supportive and tells me to go since he's busy too and we are both trying to have success in our future careers. I'll keep that in mind that it is temporary and a chance to be selfish and focus. Thank you ?
  12. After going through a whirl wind of trying to figure life out I decided to apply to PA schools May 2017. I went through interviews and got put on some wait lists at schools close to me but got accepted to one that's much farther (10 hour drive, 1.5 hour plane). I'm not having too much hope with the one waitlisted school that hasn't already started their semester, so I've accepted that I'll have to go to the one farther away. I know I'm incredibly lucky with my opportunity to start PA school and being accepted on my first try, I'm just scared. I recently got married and my husband is in his last year of medical school and we will have to do long distance until I finish. I'm leaving all of my friends and family and feeling super guilty that I can't be there for my spouse when he graduates med school or starts medical residency and I feel like I am basically going to be moving somewhere unfamiliar and going through school completely alone. Anyone have advice if they went to school far from home without knowing anyone nearby and staying alone?
  13. I'm in the same boat..I'm starting PA school 10 hours away from my husband who can't move with me because he's finishing up his 3rd year of medical school and has one more year and a bunch of traveling for residency interviews to do. We've discussed it and I'm honestly more scared of the idea than he is ? but I also don't think it's worth it for me to put off my dreams and an opportunity for a great career to have a few years without seeing each other as much.
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