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  1. I’m currently a non cert medical assistant at a private practice and honestly the only good thing that’s come from working here has been bonding with the other medical assistants! To be more blunt.. being a MA sucks (in my opinion). There’s way more administrative work than clinical duties (where i work in particular). I would definitely advise you to begin looking into other PCE opportunities. Your sanity and mental health is worth way more! Also, prior to becoming a MA i was a CNA for exactly 1 week lol. I added these hours to my application and was never asked about why i only stayed 1 week. I actually brought up some of my CNA experiences during my interviews. An experience is an experience no matter how long you did it. And Even if i had been asked about the hours it’s not like i owed them the entire truth. Just say you found another PCE that allowed you to gain more valuable experiences.
  2. Just received an email and was placed on the waitlist. I will be giving up my spot as well.
  3. I also received my acceptance call today!! Super excited!! They told me that everyone who interviewed will be emailed on Friday. I interviewed 10/15/18.
  4. I know a girl who interviewed (10/10/18) and was called 2 weeks later with an acceptance. I also interviewed that day but haven’t heard back.
  5. I just gave up my 11/16/18 interview. Hopefully this can help someone else!
  6. Honestly, in my opinion, reading the prep book, studying their website, or taking part in the virtual tour wont help much. Maybe a little but not much. Focus on personal/healthcare experiences and thinking quick on your feet.
  7. I also got an acceptance call interviewed 10/18
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