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  1. Lovelydovey123

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I agree. I doubt they called all 48 today.
  2. Lovelydovey123

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I also received my acceptance call today!! Super excited!! They told me that everyone who interviewed will be emailed on Friday. I interviewed 10/15/18.
  3. Lovelydovey123

    Online Courses Prior to PA School

    Is there a specific website to buy it?
  4. Lovelydovey123

    Morehouse PA Program

    I know a girl who interviewed (10/10/18) and was called 2 weeks later with an acceptance. I also interviewed that day but haven’t heard back.
  5. Lovelydovey123

    Sullivan Applicant Cycle 2018-2019

    I just gave up my 11/16/18 interview. Hopefully this can help someone else!
  6. Lovelydovey123

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Honestly, in my opinion, reading the prep book, studying their website, or taking part in the virtual tour wont help much. Maybe a little but not much. Focus on personal/healthcare experiences and thinking quick on your feet.
  7. Just got an acceptance Interviewed 9/26
  8. Lovelydovey123

    Lipscomb 2018-2019 Applicants

    I also got an acceptance call interviewed 10/18

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