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  1. Has anyone gotten pulled off the waitlist recently?
  2. I was originally waitlisted from the November interview, but I received an acceptance call last Friday!
  3. I was told by a current student that they won't tell you your ranking, but she did say that they do usually pull a good amount from the waitlist!
  4. I was at that interview as well and I haven't heard back yet!
  5. The ARC-PA website says that their next review is June 2018!
  6. I will be interviewing on November 28th! Can anyone provide some details as to how the interviews are set up? Thanks :)
  7. Received an invite to the November interview as well!
  8. I am not sure how many people have already been offered interviews or accepted, but the deadline for this program is not until December 1st so if you really like it then it's worth a shot I'd say!
  9. Good luck! Maybe I will meet you there! And thanks for letting me know, did she also happen to mention if there is a writing sample of any kind?
  10. I went to the Open House this past weekend and they said they were getting ready to send out interview invites for October, November, and December!
  11. Thank you, congrats to you too! I am very excited! And yes I'll be submitting my deposit this week
  12. I received my acceptance letter last Monday! Has anyone else committed to this program?
  13. I will be interviewing October 10th! Has anyone already interviewed this cycle and could tell us what to expect?
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