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  1. Hi guys! I haven’t seen a forum yet for Brenau University so I figured I’d start one. For those who went to the information meeting last week what are you’re thoughts?
  2. Thank you so much!! I don't have any kids or spouse so I think that will make it somewhat easier. But I am taking it day by day thanks for the reply!
  3. Hey y'all. So I recently got an acceptance to start late May, amazing program, professors and students and all. However, its opposite coast from me. I'm all set to go mentally, but often find myself getting overwhelmed with the moving process. From your experiences, what were some things that you wish you'd known before you moved out. What did you take with you, what was the hardest part, did you take all of your belongings or just bought everything once you settled in? ANY advice would be beneficial. Thanks!!
  4. To those accepted, has anyone received an email from Maria yet?
  5. I got the call yesterday as well! So excited to be a part of this wonderful group!!
  6. I’m waiting for the same Yakima flight as well! Just arrived from Georgia. Super excited!! Yes I received an email regarding the schedule on Wednesday I think.
  7. I got an interview invite for September 20th! I was confused because the group said 2018 but now it makes sense, haha. Anyone have any tips on how the interview process goes?
  8. Congrats to everyone who got an interview! I am coming from Atlanta, Georgia.
  9. I received an interview invitation for September 14th! Super excited, anyone have any tips?
  10. Would it be beneficial towards receiving an interview invite if I attend the information session? I received an invite to attend but I live in GA.
  11. Has anyone heard anything? How did the interviews go from this past weekend?
  12. I was put on the waitlist as well a few weeks ago, hopefully we both hear back! Did they say in the email when they will be notifying us?
  13. I just got an email and was waitlisted! I'm so excited but also hopeful that I get a call soon ?
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