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  1. Thanks for that info it helps a lot!
  2. I just submitted mine a couple of days ago so you should be fine! The process went pretty quick. In our interview packet they also gave us a list of housing options that are close to the school that could be a good reference, I am getting antsy to figure all of this stuff out too!
  3. Congrats for all of you that have accepted!! Do you guys have any idea when they will be creating a Facebook page for us or anything? Looking forward to meeting you all!
  4. I got the acceptance email on 11/16! I interviewed Nov 8th.
  5. I just declined my acceptance and I was accepted to my top choice program elsewhere. I hope this opens up a seat for someone else!
  6. The interview location is in the interview confirmation email that they sent basically right away.. do you still have that?
  7. I am interviewing Nov 8th! Does anyone know if they have filled their class yet?
  8. I will be Interviewing December 8th as well! I am also unfamiliar with the area so if anyone has any tips or anything please send me a message (:
  9. I will be interviewing in the morning slot!
  10. I read in previous threads that people brought guests, and I am bringing my parents! Is anyone else interviewing on November 4th?
  11. Hey everyone,I have an interview coming up here and I was wondering if there were any current PA students or alumni that would be willing to share your thoughts about the program or give me any insight? I would really appreciate it!
  12. I applied Sept 14 and received and interview invite for January 4th! Congrats and good luck everyone!
  13. My friend just got an interview invite for Bethel, so they must be sending them out now!
  14. I am wondering that too. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  15. Has anyone heard back yet or emailed/called them? I hope they give us more than a 10 day notice.. ha
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