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  1. Do you guys think it is too late to apply? Have they sent out any other interview invites?
  2. Has anyone heard anything back for more interviews?
  3. Thank you!! Just applied, fingers crossed! Better to try than to keep wondering ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi everyone, do you guys think it is too late to apply today? According to the forum, 13 students were already accepted from the first 2 interviews... does anyone know if they are still sending interviews out?
  5. Hey everyone, need a little advice. I am hoping to apply however I am unsure if I can send out my transcripts tomorrow and still make the deadline. Is the deadline dependent on when they receive everything or when I complete/send everything on my side of the end?
  6. Have people received interview invites for the March/April dates? I am hoping to apply to the program but don't know if it is too late! I'm not the strongest applicant so not too sure if I should apply or not this late in the cycle. Any advice would be appreciated ! Also, I'm from California. Don't know if that will factor into my application or not.
  7. Thank you for replying. I just emailed them, hoping to get a response soon.
  8. Hi everyone, I know the app is due March 1 but do you think it is too late to apply in this cycle? Should I email them and ask for advise? I also feel I'm at a disadvantage since it's a Christian school and that's not what I practice. Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone! I am looking to apply to this school but see that many of you have had interviews/acceptances. Did they say how many interview dates or how many people they might have interviewed? Trying to see if it is worth applying this cycle. Also, I can't find anything about the supplemental.. is there an extra fee for the application besides the CASPA fee? Thank you in advance :)
  10. When did you two interview!? Congrats on the acceptance! Did they mention anything else about other early acceptances being sent out or is that it?
  11. Hello, I want to apply and wanted to know more about the program. Why did you apply to the program and what do you like about it? It seems like a strong program with a faculty team that have very prestigious backgrounds. Their aren't any PANCE scores to look at either since it is a new program. Any information will be appreciated!
  12. Has anyone been sent rejections yet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Is this program rolling admissions? Also, does anyone know if there's a statistics page for students accepted into the MS program. It seems as if its very competitive since there is only 15-20 seats available.
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