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  1. Congrats!! Do you mind sharing your stats? Good luck!
  2. PAtobe33

    South College 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hey! I applied in June and was wondering the same. I dont know how it works, but if it hasn’t been reviewed yet there’s definitely still a chance and you’re not the only one! Best of luck:)
  3. On the alternate list. Congrats to everyone who received interviews and good luck!! Does anyone mind sharing their stats?
  4. I applied the end of May/beginning of June and haven’t heard anything yet either, so I feel your pain! Lol. But no news is good news so stay positive! Good luck:)
  5. PAtobe33

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    I didn’t see anything about Spanish either. Maybe for the 5 year program in PA?
  6. PAtobe33

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Awesome! And good idea. Let me know how it goes!
  7. PAtobe33

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Yes! I was surprised it was only 30 min! Is yours the 8th in the am?
  8. PAtobe33

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Hey! I know Hbryan1 already answered most of your questions, but regarding this question, I personally submitted all of my hours. I just did the PCE, shadowing, and volunteering all in the same template. Hope that helps!
  9. Thank you so much for your feedback! I live out of state so have not attended an open house, but would love to if it was beneficial. Thanks again!
  10. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing your stats? Good luck!
  11. Yeah same, I applied in June/July and haven’t heard anything past the payment email. I’m just going by the dated requirements since it says that means it’s complete:) good luck!
  12. Yes, I applied in June and haven’t heard anything. Good luck!

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