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  1. Congrats! Would you mind sharing your stats? If not I totally understand. I applied the end of May, but have not heard anything yet. Best of luck!
  2. Ah still patiently waiting and crossing my fingers! Congrats to everyone who got an interview and good luck!!
  3. Congrats to everyone receiving interview invites!! For those of you that did, do any of you mind sharing your stats? If not that’s totally fine. Thanks in advance and best of luck to everyone:)
  4. Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats? (If not that’s totally fine). Best of luck!!
  5. The email received said this: "Note that once an application fee has been paid, the letters of recommendation will be processed to your application summary with a received date within 15 days." Hope this helps:)
  6. Congrats! When were you invited?
  7. PAtobe33

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    I think that’s a good idea if it allows it to be done!
  8. PAtobe33

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    So when I input the dates that I attended the school I received my bachelors at, it doesn’t not allow me to put the end date after the date I received my degree. For example, I received my degree in August, but continued to take a couple classes as non degree seeking through April, but it won’t let me put the attended dates past August since that’s when I earned my degree. Did anyone else have this issue/situation? I don’t want to look as if I’m providing false information because it won’t allow me. Just wanted to reach out here before contacting the program. Thanks!
  9. Congrats everyone! For those of you that received invites, when did you submit? Best of luck!
  10. PAtobe33

    Milligan 2018 Cycle

    That’s awesome, congrats! Did they by chance say if they’d be sending out any more interview invites?
  11. PAtobe33

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    Is the supplemental sent to everyone or certain applicants only? I didn’t see anything on the website that specified. Thanks!!
  12. PAtobe33

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    I haven’t either!
  13. Congrats!! Do you mind sharing your stats? (If not I understand!) Best of luck!
  14. Congrats to those getting interviews! Would anyone mind sharing their stats? If not I completely understand. Good luck!!

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