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  1. Congrats! Did you just get it today?
  2. Awesome, congrats!! Thanks for letting me know. Gives me hope of hearing soon!
  3. That’s so exciting, can’t wait to hear the update!
  4. Thanks for responding guys! Did your friend interview this past week or awhile ago?
  5. It does clarify, thanks! So, to my knowledge there is just one interview (not a second set or anything), but multiple days of interviews like almost every school does. So one interview is all that one completes for them to make decisions. Does that make sense? lol. But fingers crossed for us all waiting!!
  6. Hey! I interviewed that day as well and haven’t heard back yet. What do you mean by one set? There have been multiple interview dates since, with the last being next week i believe!
  7. Ah ok! Desi had told me the end of April when I asked the last week of March!
  8. I was told final decisions would be made the end of April. Getting close
  9. Thank you. I appreciate your response!
  10. I did too, but was informed they are having another for April.
  11. Hey! I did receive that email about my application being reviewed/processed. Hope that helps.
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