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  1. Thank you for the response! Best of luck to you as well.
  2. I applied the end of May and haven’t heard anything yet. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. I personally don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it would have any affect at all. Just my guess though! Good luck!
  4. PAtobe33


    Thank you so much! Fingers crossed. Congrats again
  5. PAtobe33


    Congrats guys!! I was waitlisted and hope to get lucky and join you!
  6. PAtobe33


    Hey, thanks for sharing! I’ll be there the 11th and look forward to meeting you and everyone else there that day!
  7. Congratulations!! Did you just recently receive the invite? Good luck!
  8. PAtobe33

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Thanks for sharing! Kind of assuming the same, but trying to hope for the best!
  9. Huge congrats to everyone that’s been accepted and waitlisted! I was waitlisted as well and was wondering if anyone knew about how many they typically have on the waitlist? Hope everyone has a great holiday!
  10. PAtobe33

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Congrats!! Did you get the acceptance yesterday?
  11. PAtobe33

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Hey all! Has anyone else who interviewed heard anything recently (since a couple weeks ago when some people heard)?
  12. PAtobe33


    Hey! To my knowledge they have only had one interview date so far and interview through March or April I believe. So all acceptances definetlyyy are not handed out yet. They’re still rather early in their interview process from what I’ve heard. Good luck!
  13. Same!!! So nervous. Hope you hear good news!
  14. Ah yay congratulations!! I haven’t heard anything yet. Good luck to everyone!
  15. I interviewed the last date and they said we’d hear the 15th (I think). So I assume everyone will hear then, but not sure. Good luck:)

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