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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. I find your input very helpful. Especially EMEDPA your responses are very helpful and I will be looking for medic schools.
  2. Wow , That's actually very good advice! thank you so much. I think what ill do is do the paramedic option as part time. Then do MPH full time starting fall 2018. I also already have almost 6years of direct patient CNA experience. Do you think from experience, it would be better to do full time student- part time paramedic?
  3. Hey guys, Im applying to a Master in Health admin program because my Gpa is low but my goal is to become a PA. Should I mention this in my statement of purpose for Health admin program or just tell them I intend to become a health Administrator? Does anyone have experience with this situation or a similar situation? -Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you everyone. Im looking into getting a masters in a science, then applying.
  5. Hey guys, My current bachelors is not impressive as far as my 2.5 GPA but I would like to get a masters in order to become a more aggressive candidate. What would be a good science masters to major in? Do they favor chemistry, biology? Thank you, please be kind.
  6. Hello, Has anyone gotten into PA school with a low GPA of 2.5? If so, what schools? Asking for a friend. Please be very kind with responses I understand that's a very low GPA but this friend would really like to get into PA school and he does have direct Patient care hours and shadowing hours.
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