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  1. Is anyone else dealing with the waiting process by just refreshing their email every 15 min?...
  2. I'm an Oregon resident, application complete 6/14 and still haven't heard anything. Not sure where they are as far as applications but hopefully interview invites are coming out next.
  3. Have been trying to find the hole in my theory with no success. Hopefully my calculations were just off by one week.
  4. So as I have been constantly searching these old OHSU forums and refreshing my email (starting to think I'm a little anxious lol) I have noticed that the first group of interview invites tend to go out on July 24th. I think that will likely be when we hear from OHSU.
  5. Application complete notification received today. Hopefully won't have to wait the full 10 weeks before I hear back, and hopefully it's an interview invite!! Got the email monday that they had received my application and then only 3 days for OHSU to notify me it was complete and ready to be reviewed so they are moving quickly which is nice.
  6. Oh I didn't see that anywhere, I just set a goal of the first week of June, but that's really good to know! I would think they start reviewing them as soon as possible rather than waiting but who knows. The first week of July is still plenty early to submit as they will probably send out their first batch of interview invitations around then.
  7. I am applying to OHSU, Utah and Pacific. I am really hoping for OHSU as well, dream school and wouldn't have to move away and have my wife leave her job. Good luck this year, I definitely don't have your GPA but hoping my LOR and HCE makes up for it.
  8. I submitted my application on 6/2. Made some good changes to my application this year including increasing my hours, all direct patient care, to >3500, increased GPA a little, got a LOR from an OHSU grad, and got my ACLS and CCT. Did a lot of research on this program and spoke with a current clinical year student about the program. I applied late last year and didn't get an interview, definitely an advantage to apply early. Speaking with the current student they love when an applicant emphasizes they are a team oriented person and demonstrates they work well in team environments. I know that Pacific University actually prefers scribes, I know a guy on the interview board there, because "they listen to how providers talk with patients." I know OHSU loves direct care but they do accept scribe hours. As long as you are an Oregon resident you have a huge advantage.
  9. I figure I have at least another 2 weeks or so before I hear back on a possible interview but the anticipation is killing me. I am constantly refreshing my email. Application was received and completed on 8/15. Hoping I get in with the minimum patient care experience hours but very hands on with a Letter of recommendation from an OHSU graduate.
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