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  1. They cover a pretty large area, but from what I understand it is just a noncompete for other cardiology jobs. So, if I decided to switch specialties, not such a big deal. No one has commented about the tail coverage, is this not as big a deal as I think it is?
  2. All great points. They do offer 401K, after 1 year of employment. I thought it was standard to not get benefits until 90 days of employment in general? As I said before, I’m going to clarify the bonus situation. This practice hires a lot of new grads (several from Previous classes in my program) and they seem to have good retention rates. Their practice is growing and this would be primarily a hospitalist position. I’m going to send back a counter offer for sure, just wanted to put some feelers out. thanks!
  3. Thank you for the feed back. I am going to get specifics on incentives. And like I mentioned, PTO goes up the longer spent with the company. $1500 CME with 1 week off for CME. Did you get the 24 days PTO immediately after starting? Health insurance included. Extensive training (5-6 months) with the physician and other PA's before being completely left alone, which is what I wanted. Good point to ask about the DEA license. Median salary in FL according to the 2018 NCCPA report is 105,000.
  4. Hi everyone, I am graduating from my program next month, and have an offer from a cardiology office in Lakeland, FL. I have received the contract to review and would like some thoughts about the terms of this 1 year contract: salary - 90K for 1st year with the potential for incentive bonus benefits starting after 90 days of employment 1-2 years of employment - 2 weeks PTO, 3-4 years of service = 3 weeks paid time off per year 4+ years of service = 4 weeks paid time off per year $1,500 CME allowance with an additional week off for CME The downside: No tail covera
  5. Thank you so much for your thorough reply! This is super helpful. Good luck with everything
  6. Yeah I understand what you're saying. Unfortunately I will be stuck in FL until school is done due to my rotations already being set up. The reason I was asking about relocation assistance because I don't exactly have the money to move cross country after living off student loans for the past 2 years. Ill look around the forum more. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to get a thread going for people to throw ideas at me if anyone has been in a similar situation, or has thoughts about this. So, I currently live in Florida and am going to graduate from PA school in March 2020. My husband and I want to move to Oregon, so I was wondering if anyone had experience with getting a job in a different state as a new grad. I plan on taking my PANCE 1-2 weeks after graduation in FL, and I will probably apply for an Oregon license (granted job prospects look good). What are the chances of me getting relocation assistance as a new g
  8. Yes, I completely agree. I got accepted back in August and it has been very difficult to communicate with the people in charge of the program. The only reason I decided on the school was because of the current students feedback and how happy they seemed with the program. I really hope that this will not be a reflection of the actual program.
  9. It's virtually impossible to get a hold of anyone in the PA office. I called the main school number this morning and spoke with someone in the student affairs office. I've left voicemails for Yvonne and Tiffany with no response, which is super frustrating. Good luck!
  10. It is to be done before the interview process. It is my understanding that it used to be done after acceptance, but they changed it this year due to time constraints.
  11. Great! I actually already live in st. Pete, so housing isn't a concern for me, thankfully! Again, thanks for the advice and I'll see you next year!
  12. Thank you so much for all of this info, so helpful to know you went through all of this! My only question for you - is there anything you suggest we brush up on before classes start that you think would be helpful (medical terminology, etc.)? Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you around school!
  13. I spoke with the financial aid office today, and they are still putting together an acceptance list. How long ago did you send in your deposit?
  14. I noticed that they have processed my deposit (on 9/08) but I still haven't received any further correspondence. I have tried to call the school, but no answer. I really need to know if I should get started with financial aid, etc. Do you know anything about this process?
  15. I also sent in my deposit and acceptance paper work with no response. I had several questions last week and since Yvonne never responded to my email or call I had to physically stop by the school to ask a question. They said they were busy conducting interviews all week. They are very difficult to get ahold of.
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