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  1. There were multiple accepted as late as April last year, but perhaps they set a hard deadline this year. We will be moving as soon as the semester is over and I'm sure that will be hectic for the entire program so they might to make sure as much as possible is in place before then so they're ready for the Class of 2021 arrival.
  2. Also, the waitlist isn't just a set 1, 2, 3...etc. BEcause they try to accept a diverse range of students, if 1 student decides to attend somewhere else, they will re-evaluate everyone on the alternate list and decide who to accept. It's unlike other programs that create a set list and offer people in order from the list. But as km said, there were a couple that were offered as late as mid April for our mid-May start date.
  3. congratulations to those accepted and don't give up hope to those on the waitlist. i know at least a handful of us in the program now were offered off the waitlist (including myself). We've finally finished our fall semester and we are all looking forward to a relaxing (kind of) 3 weeks off!
  4. This is correct. The program recently asked us for housing recommendations and they will be sending the list to deposited students in due time. I know quite a few of us did not secure housing until well into April, so there is plenty of time. It's never too early to start planning though !
  5. To add to km's post: If you interviewed and heard the 1st years talking about our wednesday and friday mornings being busy, those are the times for experiential learning. EL and pre clinicals (which run november -may of didactic year) are always on Wednesdays and Fridays, and as stated above, are assigned by the program and mandatory. Community service hours are required for the year, but those can be anything the program deems appropriate. You can also choose to do something else (like back in your hometown) but it must be approved first. As KM said, I believe the 'extra' stuff we do really gives you a break from the nonstop studying/school work that goes on every other waking hour basically. It's definitely a big draw and was for me too.
  6. I would say that is certainly the point for the most part based on how they offer seats in each class. They do throw that awkward question at you to see how you react but otherwise the interview process is a short snapshot into what you can expect from the program. Hopefully you got that sense of what it'll be like on your interview.
  7. congrats to all of you who have been accepted! And for those that havent, certainly don't give up hope. They reevaluate after each round of interviews and you may get a call after any of the next ones coming up. As I'm sure you heard (or hopefully heard) at interviews from us 1st years, they select a diverse range of personalities and experiences to fill out each class and sometimes it just comes down to numbers, not anything you did or didnt do. Also, as someone who came off the waitlist, I know of more than a handful of us that were on the waitlist and ended up in the class so don't give up hope. If you did receive an seat, congrats again and if Case feels like the place for you for the next 2 years, welcome aboard!
  8. it is very hectic but like anything else, it's all about what you make. I wouldnt say our class as a whole are close friends but we all get along. Had a good week of class interaction during PA week last week. So yeah, the program and the cleveland area has plenty of things to do if you choose to have fun on limited downtime.
  9. Hmm. Thanks for the insight. I dont recall anyone mentioning last cycle that was posted on here about receiving one. We receive very little info about the interview process as current students.
  10. I do not believe they give rejection letters. They may keep apps on file in case interviewers decide not to attend and pull from those lists. But I wouldnt expect to hear anything until at least December. If you do not receive an interview invite by early December, you can assume you wont. The last interview day for this year is December 6th. There are still days this week and November coming up too.
  11. Not alot of study time. You will absolutely have to study on weekends unless you're capable of comprehending and taking in alot of info during lectures. I'm not great about that so I spend a ton of time on weekends studying. Just really depends on your study habits like you're saying. Most weeks during fall (and spring Im assuming) you'll have at least 1 and usually 2 exams. They do try to space them out (like tuesday and thursday ) but still makes it tough. The community service events so far for me have been a get away from routine school stuff though so it helps.
  12. As I'm sure you found out, there are tons of opportunities to get involved with the community, some of which are required and others which are not. That seems to be a big draw. The first years (which includes me) have not started our pre clinicals yet but getting that exposure before the real clinicals begin will definitely give a head start for when it really matters. I will say, don't choose CWRU if you want coddled and everything put in order for you. This program is fast paced so it's essential to be ready to go as soon as each semester starts. But above all, choose a program that you will feel comfortable at for the next 2+ years.
  13. Congrats! Hope you enjoyed your visit and interview! Happy end of PA week to all and if you don't already follow CWRUPA on instagram and AAPA on snapchat. Our program was featured today for PA Week!
  14. That's interesting. I was able to shadow multiple different specialties at quite a few places. Fam med, ortho/surgery, ED. hopefully some thing comes through for you.
  15. I would say another 6-8 months in multiple jobs along with improving your GRE scores and maybe GPA will definitely help. I would also say it depends on what schools you're applying. My GPA wasn't as good, while I had a lot of HCE and volunteer hours (as a CNA/monitor tech and volunteer EMT) and a solid GRE score. My school accepted a lot of well-rounded individuals who complement each other well though, so that might be something to take into account as well. Overall, I think your number of hours as a whole are slightly low at this point but your number of different experiences is good. I would definitely look into shadowing at least 1 or 2 PAs, preferably in different fields a couple of times each to get a different perspective on each. Write a great personal statement though that will catch their attention and it might steal you an interview you otherwise wouldn't have received. Once you get an interview, anything can happen! good luck!
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