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  1. Hey everyone, figured I would get ball rolling with this thread. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  2. Hey everyone. First time applying to this program. Waiting on letters of rec to pull through and submitting to CASPA. So where is everyone from ? Anyone else from Florida like me planning on taking advantage of the Academic Common Market?
  3. I did not see anyone else start this thread, so lets get this started! Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  4. Hey everyone, This is my second time applying. I choose to rewrite my personal statement to better explain some of my short comings and to emphasize what I have made improvements on since my last application. This is still a rough draft, so be easy on the grammar. I am more focused on the content and the image it portrays to the reader. Thank you Document 3.pdf
  5. So im looking at some of the programs in Florida that I plan to apply to next cycle. But they now require biochem. I see that UNE has an online Medical Biochem class and was wondering if any knows if that would suffice?
  6. So I submitted my application about 2 months ago. I am wondering what type of follow up others are doing while waiting to hear back from programs? Is there a way besides the verified status in CASPA to double check that schools have received and or viewed your application?
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