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  1. WorkinOnIt

    CHA/PA 2018-19

    My interview date is coming up on the 5th and I have to admit that I’m nervous as hell. I hope everyone else who will be there on the 5th is able to put their best foot forward and nails their interview questions. Good luck and see you soon!
  2. WorkinOnIt

    CHA/PA 2018-19

    I highly reccomend submitting it earlier than July. The program is on a rolling admission schedule so the sooner the better. You still have a chance since they are still sending out interviews. But they’ve already put out invites for 3/4 of the interview dates.
  3. You should have recieved an email stating that they recieved your CASPA and in the email is a link with the secondary application. Check your spam. Give them a call if you can’t don anything.
  4. WorkinOnIt

    CHA/PA 2018-19

    Thank you! I don’t mind sharing. Cumulative GPA: 3.49 Cumulative science: 3.41 About 300 hours of healthcare experience as a CNA at a hospital. 500 more back in 2012 as a PT aide 16 hours shadowing a PA and 8 more shadowing a physician. 100 volunteee hours
  5. WorkinOnIt

    CHA/PA 2018-19

    Received an interview invite this morning (08/13) for 10/5! My application was verified July 13th.
  6. WorkinOnIt

    2017-18 Cycle

    Congratulations! Was this Monday or Tuesday morning? Mine was submitted and under review the same day so... Congratulations! :)

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