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  1. Hi everyone! I am a current student at UTSW. We are very excited to meet everyone! For tonight's meet and greet, there will be current students directing y'all to the correct places. They will be holding signs (for parking and to direct you to the general direction of the building) and to guide you inside as well. Don't worry! Just be yourself and have fun :)
  2. Hi! I just declined my acceptance to this program. Hopefully this helps outs one of you that has been patiently waiting! Good luck! :)
  3. I think they're doing it different this year since it doesn't seem like they're doing all interviews in one week.
  4. Thank you, they were all very nice so I know it must have slipped. And likewise to you, best of luck :)
  5. I did not get one :/ I saw them there but they didn't offer one
  6. I know! I was shocked as well as to how soon it was! Thank you :)
  7. Be on the lookout! This morning I received an interview invite for Monday Oct 16th :)
  8. Yes, they give you three options: mail, fax, or email. I faxed mine today:)
  9. If I remember correctly, they said they were going to try to make all calls Tuesday but it wasn't a guarantee and could take longer. Don't give up yet!
  10. I JUST GOT THE ACCEPTANCE CALL AS WELL!!! I cannot believe it! Beyond excited!!
  11. I also received an interview invite for September 25th!! Super excited :)
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