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  1. Hey thanks so much for the quick response.Yah I hate that they are going to production and I feel that 25% is crap too! The collections department is pretty good I think but they pay us off of an estimated percent of collections. I am in a Family Med Practice and the % is usually around 73%, which I think is weird that they base it off a estimated percent but I guess that is how some clinics do it. I will be W-2. They do pay $1000 month for health insurance. I am still paying about $400 a month for health insurance though and have to pay for all other benefits I get from them. They also give me $2500 a year for CME. I live in Utah and I know each state is different. What state do you work in? I am just frustrated with this whole situation and they are pretty adamant about not changing that percent...25% is clinic wide for all PAs/NPs...its a big multi-specialty clinic. I have pushed them to raise the % and we actually had a NP leave because they wouldn't budge on the percentage. I am meeting with them next week to discuss this so your reply does help. Please let me know anything else that may help, thanks!
  2. Currently I am getting paid a salary but if I reach a certain level of production ( I have to see about 280-300 pts a month in my FP clinic to reach that) I get paid 25% of my collections. This is not in addition to my salary so its not like a bonus or anything. My question is about production pay. I am wondering if any PA's out there are on straight production. This is the model that they are wanting to start. Again the number that they are going to give us is 25% of collections which seeing about 300 pt/month comes out to like 9300 (pretax, benefits, etc.) I feel that the percentage should be 30-40% from what I have heard and read about but again I am not sure. I have been working as a PA for 3 years and don't know a lot about "production pay" only. Is 25% good, ok or just crap? Any insight would help as I am going to be talking to my company in about a week to discuss this.
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