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  1. Prepaqt

    Micro for Healthcare Professionals

    Thank you everyone!
  2. Hey everyone! I go to UCF in FL and my school offers MCB 2004: Micro for Health Professionals. Since it is a 2000 level course (which would be intro or sophomore year level equivalency I'm guessing) would this probably not be acceptable to most PA schools? Schools I hope to apply to are: ( mainly in California. I have family there and want to move there for grad school.) Southern Cali University of Health Sciences Chapman Charles R Drew Western (I believe they're the only ones who say it can't be an introductory course and have a database of courses from my school and this one wasn't listed) USC LLU Just to give an idea. Thank you for your help!!!
  3. Hey guys! I hear a lot about the autonomy of dermatology PAs and I hear them talk about doing injections on their own and minor surgeries. I also hear about psych PAs saying they do everything the doc does. But I was wondering if there are other specialties out there that allow for this when it comes to being hands on. Or is it basically only a derm thing? I love the whole body and am thinking I'd be more suited for family, emergency, or internal medicine or something along those lines but I'm open to learning about all that PAs can do! Especially because I'd like to be hands on. Do you know any plastics PAs or are you yourself one? I'd like to become more informed about the wonderful PA profession! Thanks everyone!

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