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  1. I am a current student at Daemen, and I received my interview offer one year ago today, 1/16/18. So you guys should most likely hear back within the next week!
  2. I’ve just been accelerated into the graduating class of 2021! I beleive this means that a spot will be opening up for the class of 2022 for those on the wait list. Don’t give up hope!
  3. Has anyone on the wait list heard anything?
  4. We had approximately 8 weeks from the day we received the acceptance letter to pay the seat deposit to join the class!
  5. I received mine too! Also, waitlisted. Did your letter make it sound like there were currently no seats to offer?
  6. Has anyone that interviewed received their letter of status in the mail this week?
  7. Congratulations!!! Did one of your interviewers call you?
  8. I received an interview invite this morning!
  9. I gave up my seat to attend a program closer to home, so this will open up a spot for someone! Good luck everyone
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