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  1. Were you able to get the financial aid application on the website to work? Mine keeps giving me an error.
  2. GPA: 4.0 About 1,200 hours of PCE as a CNA in Cardiac Rehab and Medical Assistant in the ER Shadowing about 80 hours - PAs in ICU & Gastroenterology GRE 108, Writing 3.5 (So, obviously they review wholistically!) International public health research experience, medical trips to Nicaragua
  3. I think she said Monday! can’t remeber super clearly, same reason. lol
  4. Group A, last name starts with H! I hope you all get phone calls soon!!
  5. Just got the best phone call of my life!!!!!!
  6. What are the roads like around Houston? Assuming you’re from there. :)
  7. I flew into Dallas and I’m planning to drive down in the morning. Not the most ideal situation at all, not sure what’s going on in Houston and I hope this isn’t a terrible tragedy for everyone. i’m a little disappointed there isn’t a back up plan because of having interviews in January this is probably happened before. Best of luck to everyone trying to get there
  8. Anyone else having issues getting to houston from out of state? Flights getting cancelled left and right.
  9. When did you submit your application?
  10. No, this was the first I'd heard from them since submitting my application!
  11. Just got interview invite for January 18th! Pumped! :)
  12. I will be declining my offer, so I hope that opens up a spot for someone to attend their dream program! Best of luck to you all.
  13. Received a wait list letter by postal mail - interviewed Sept 29th!
  14. Interviewed 10/23, just got a call from Dr. Gross with acceptance! :)
  15. Has anyone thats interviewed already (that wasn't accepted the Monday after) heard anything?
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