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  1. Just got the call and I’ve also been accepted off of the waitlist! Congratulations to everybody that has been accepted and good luck to those who have received interviews!! Can’t wait to meet everybody in July!!
  2. Yayyyy congrats!! I’ve been waitlisted as well!!! Things are looking up, so exciting!
  3. It seems like there’s quite a few people that haven’t received notifications yet...I remember them saying 2 weeks tops for decisions so maybe more of us will hear back by next week? Fingers crossed we hear good news moving forward!!
  4. I also have not received a call, or email yet. Still waiting!
  5. Hey! I actually received an email that stated we have to arrive at the health professions building at 7:30am...the day actually starts at 8 and we won’t be going to the main campus until lunchtime! The health professions building is at 1775 North Sector Court Winchester, VA 22601. Hope that helps and good luck!!
  6. Hi there! sGPA: 3.79-3.8 cGPA: 3.2 HCE: 3500 hours working as a full-time physical therapy aide; 20 hours shadowing in primary care; roughly 40 hours Hospital volunteer experience GRE: 285?? can’t quite remember but it wasn’t great lol I think my strengths lie in my HCE, sGPA, personal statement & LORs —Keep in mind that there are plenty of reasons why people get interviews/accepted regardless of their stats...you never know what the admissions committee is looking for in an applicant so try not to compare yourself too much! Good luck to you!
  7. Hey!! So the first few times I applied my prerequisites weren’t done, so I think completing them this time around helped. I also emailed the program and asked if they could provide me some feedback on how I could specifically improve my application. I was told to retake the GRE (recommended but not required—did it anyways), I also got a LOR written by a PA that I shadowed. I think all of those things must have helped because I didn’t do any of those things the first couple of rounds and finally landed an interview. Best of luck to you!!
  8. Hey!! So in the email there’s a link to click on to confirm for the interview date: you have the option to reschedule! They ask you a series of yes or no questions and one of them is about attendance...hope that helps!
  9. Got an interview invite for the 17th as well! I’m looking forward to meeting those of you that will be there, so exciting!!
  10. Hey there!! So excited for this year's application cycle!! This is my 3rd time applying to SU so finger's crossed!! Good luck to everybody applying Submitted: 6/11 & Verified 6/15
  11. Congrats! When did you hear about the October interviews, did they email you? I'm over here biting my fingernails because I applied back in June and I still haven't heard anything yet...I know there's still time but man, this process is rough!
  12. Hey!! Do you mind me asking when you applied? I'm getting a bit nervous....I applied back in June and haven't heard anything yet!
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