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  1. ***MOD EDIT*** racist and unnecessary political references removed. User banned***
  2. Go read SDN. You will see what most attendings, esp ER ones feel about PA's. Think of us as dispensable meat movers. They feel like they have power over us. They always talk about how if we are slow movers our ropes need to be let go. Our livelihood and the ability to practice should not depend on them. Our relationship with docs should be how Optometrist and opthamlogists or podiatrist and ortho should be like. Both doctors - not physicians - and complement the practice not one rules over the other
  3. Hospitals can decide to pay PA"s whatever they want. Arguing that one's work is in higher tier thus higher pay is not a valid reason
  4. This is why we need to be LEGALLY UN-LINKED from docs and keep pushing for OTP. If they are a part of the team, they should lead. Otherwise, if the practice wants to only hire PA's they should not be hired for MANDATORY COLLABORATION They feel like they can control us. they should not have the entitlement to bully us. Our license and livelihood should not depend on their willingness to SUPERVISE or "COLLABORATE" WRONG!
  5. are you also an old fart that dont' want OTP and name change. It has to happen for the name change. I don't want to work for future DNP bosses Do you?
  6. No matter how bleak the situation looks we cannot give up and keep moving forward. One step at a time but we cannot settle. Physician groups want us to settle. They want to have leash around our necks. NP's want to see that leash around our necks while they roam free and further explore. We need to keep moving until we are at least in equal footing with NPs. Why? NPs can have their own team and always be at advantage when it comes to hiring and even running their own show. We cannot unless we can free ourseleves.
  7. I have masters in Biomedical Scicence. I took same courses as med students (was top 20%). I took pretty much 90% similar courses that med students take their first two years. The only two classes that I didnt take that they took were clinical reasoning and history and physical classes.Except for pathology, most of those courses won't make us more knowledgeable or better providers. Yea, I still remember some diseases that result from malfunctioning lipid and gylocogen production from my medical biochem class but it does really nothing to make me a better provider. Good physicians know where to look up resources and whom to refer and or consult, because they don't know everything. Likewise for PA's or NP's. That is the art of medicine. What they learn in med school is not even 5% of medicine. Residency I give them credit for that and maybe that is where they refine some skills. But PA who has been working in Primary care for 10 years could better prepared than a residency grad FM or IM one year ago
  8. AWESOME!!! GOOD LUCK, we will push and support your endeavors We don't want our livelihood depend on some EVIL-MINDED physicians that want to bully us (I say about 60% feel that way) We should be indepdendent. I agree. If physicians are on board, they should lead the team. but that should not be mandatory. Let each clinic or practice decide.
  9. Soon or laterwe might work for DNP's and be called "PROVIDER ASSISTANT", lol. It is already happening to some PA's. They work for DNP owned clinics. Also, DNP's and physical therapists call themselves Dr. So and So to patients and they point to us and say "ASSISTANT so and so will help you with the rest." Pathetic. OUR EDUCATION IS SEEN INFERIOR BY THE PUBLIC. Even SLP is going doctorate, lol. Stop embracing the name and role of assistant or you will become a PROVIDER ASSISTANT
  10. Yeap. They want to control and push us around. They just want us to drive up their profits and give them more vacation and free time. They see us as inferior expendable meat movers not colleagues. WE need to LEGALLY unlike from them. They should not dictate where and how we should practice. There should NOT be MANDATORY collaboration. Practice decides to hire all PA team or have some physicians on board. Don't make the state law do it . Don't make admins get pissed at us for having to hire extra physicians (and pay high salaries) to collaborate with us. NP's don't so they are ALWAYS at advantage. OLD PA's messed up. They need to go and we need change Go read SDN. EM docs think of us as servants doing their dirty works. One of them even said they wanted to fire a PA for thinking outside the box, because they said our education and training doesnt' allow us to critically think. Many docs I worked with EMs felt that way and always referred to us as midlevels.
  11. My physical therapist calls herself a doctor while calls us ASSISTANTS. If you want to be FOREVER ASSISTANT go ahead, OLD FART. PA will no longer be just physician assistant. We shall soon be working for DNP owned clinics and DNP bosses and be referred to as "PROVIDER ASSISTANTS." F**king PROVIDER ASSISTANTS. Kidding me.. damnn A Patient will be asking DNP docs, " what is PA and why does he work for you Dr. Nurse (DNP)?" The DNP doc will respond, "They PROVIDE ASSISTANCE to the clinic. that is why they are PA's. They PROVIDE ASSISTANCE" YUCK. Good luck working for your DNP boss boatswain. Dogmatic old PA's that don't want change like you will make this reality
  12. Tough break. They should have joined forces with the NP's. Those delegates should be fired!
  13. Physicians look down on PA's more though. Best not to be legally tied down to those folks, so we dont get controlled
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