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  1. A Great first step to OTP, although the bill still needs some revision. It still MANDATES us to have collaboration with physicians and it does not allow us to hang our own shingles. NPs are seeking to abolish REQUIRE collaboration to practice medicine in Cali. Moreover NPs in cali are pushing for FULL independent practice rights in which they can open up their own shops and hire us PAs. This bill doesn't necessarily allow us PAs to do the same. We can't even form PA teams because we still need physician collaboration, unlike NP's. That makes NP's still more attractive for hiring than us. These days, NP led teams in some fields like psych, minute clinic, pain management and so on are becoming popular. Admins love it since they don't have to hire physicians and pay additional salary for MANDATORY COLLABORATION .. PA's are getting shut and shoved out the door. I guess any progress is better than no progress. Should we just settle for less, like we always have? hmm
  2. I agree this is a good step forward but the buck should not stop here. However, CAPA seems to be VERY content with this and they shouldnt be. They should keep pushing We should put ourselves at least in equal footing with NP's in all phases or else we would ALWAYS be at disadvantage. These days, NP led teams in some fields like psych, minute clinic, pain management and so on is becoming popular.Admins love it since they don't have to hire physicians to have MANDATORY COLLABORATION and pay additional salary. PA's are getting shut and shoved out the door. STOP trying to appease people. These people don't feed us or support our family. It is okay to break the door down and demand. I cant wait to run for a position for my state and demand a big change. Go BIG or go bust!
  3. This is what I support. not california's modified OTP that still mandates us to have collaboration. Whether or not we should have collaboration should be determined at the practice level. If a medical practice wants to hire only NP's or PA's and no physicians collaborating, it should still be allowed. This is already happening in some places where NP's have full authority. They have NP led teams that only hire NPs in minute clinics or pain management and stuff. They don't have to hire collaborating physicians and pay extra salary. This is not the case with PA's. We can't have PA led teams which makes us less valuable to everyone else. PA led services have to have some physicians and cost clinics HIGH SALARY= expensive cost PA's are shunned because of this and will continue to be unless we put ourselves in equal footing if not better. CAPA needs to push for same rights as NP's. Not half ass OTP to appease physicians. They (CAPA PAs) act like cinderella trying to appease their abusive step mother (physicians). It is okay to push boundaries and seek more like nurses and NP's. SQUEAKY WHEELS Get the oil NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Let the hiring decison be at the practice level. EVERYTHING should be
  4. nope. Not one step forward to compromise a few. All or nothing We get what we want or bust. We need to take a harder stance, instead of modified half-hearted OTP. Damn. even dumba** ***moderator edit to remove politically polarizing statements***
  5. Before someone starts bashing me I will briefly explain. In California, NP's are seeking and pushing for full independent practice that will give them the ability to practice medicine without impedence and even open their own clinics without any barrier. They say that it would help reduce physician shortages in rural areas. What is CAPA doing? Instead of piggybacking with them and demanding the same rights for PA's and more, they are pushing for a MODIFIED OTP. The legislation they want to pass is a step forward but it still wants " mandatory collaboration " with physicians. This is exactly what Virginia, Rhode Island and Texas delegates wanted last year. They wanted the current OTP wording to include that "PA's shall always collaborate with physicians" Of course, it was rejected outright at HOD. Guess now what is happening in VA and Texas. Physicians there are pushing for less PA practice rights. NP's are pushing PA's out of the hospitals. Physicians know that PA leaders there are weak and want to appease people. It makes me wonder if CAPA got their advice from Texas and VA delegates. Below I posted what one poster said in another thread. Whenever I read about CAPA's new "OTP" policy, this comes to my mind. CAPA members don't want to step on physicians toes and don't want to offend them and admins so they want to include "physician collaboration always" in their law. We want to unlink ourselves to them, not somehow be associated with them. We don't want our livelihood to depended on them. This is not OTP. Anyways, the comment from the poster on another thread is: "PAs do not have the spine to really take on a fight for themselves as the Nursing Profession does to advance or protect its members. Yet I constantly hear PA lamenting how nurses are taking over and outpacin us. My observation has been that compromise and apologizing for stepping on toes while advocating for the profession is more our professions forte." Nurses in NY are demanding a strike right now and trying to get what they want. Admins are afraid so they are staying extra hours to see what deal they can come up with. NP's are with them and trying to get some of their piece of pie. while us PA's just stand and look around trying to appease everyone. We are spineless. We are everyone's step child afraid to speak out within the healthcare family. By the way, I have seen few specialties that are NP led recently. These teams consist of only NP's with no physicians on board, albeit it was in an easy specialty like psychiatry, palliative care and primary care clinics. This itself makes NP's still more valuable to administrators, especially small, rural community hospitals. They can hire a bunch of NP's and have them run the service without having physicians COLLABORATE with them. PA's seeking mandatory collaboration, which will be seen as secondary, since we will still need to have somehow have physicians on board to COLLABORATE with. It does not put us on equal footing with NP's. Isn't that the whole purpose of OTP. We are still settling for less and making us vulnerable to be seen as less by the public. Not acceptable. If the practice wants all PA's with no physicians, that should also be allowed. Of course, when physicians are on board they should be leading the team. It should be up to the practice to only hire PA's and/or NP's and no physicians. if they want to it should be allowed, as long as they are willing to take responsibility for all consequences. That wording or something along that should also be included in this proposal However, having collaboration as mandatory does not really benefit us all
  6. hmmm...All states that allow NP independence should jump on what is already there and have some addendum for PA's and go from there. We need to be at least at the even playing field as NPs
  7. I think you and PA's in California are WRONG about OTP. OTP is about leveling the playing field. OTP wants to nullify MANDATED collaboration between physicians and PA's. It is about collaboration but not MANDATORY. We want the law to allow things to be determined at the practice level without our practicing medicine be tied to physicians. IF the practice wants to hire only PA's and NP's with no MD presence, it should be allowed. This is what OTP is all about. If you want your job to be tied to physician supervision, go ahead but it is not what the rest of us want. We want to UNLINK ourselves from them, and not be CHAINED LEGALLY collaborated with them. California "OTP" bill is not really OTP. Some states like NJ and Michigan already give full authority to PA's and allow them to work solo/independently without SP presence or ever meeting them. Stop saying that MANDATED collboration is OTP. That is what Virginia and Texas state organization wanted OTP to be and are getting screwed now by physicians who want to limit and curtail their practices
  8. I get 30 days plus all holidays off
  9. I know. Some jackasses there refer to us as midlevels and thin of us as some minions that show up to wipe their butts and that kiss their nasty feet. How they view and talk about us is damn insulting. We need to get rid of MANDATORY COLLABORATION with these jerks, seriously. OTP all the way. FULL PRACTICE AUTHORITY OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. you will see all the things that are happening in the PA profession. NP's are trying to take over our jobs and so on. Not to sound too pessimistic but you guys should and advocate for change.
  11. They pretty much got what they deserved/ Virginia delegates tried opposing OTP, because they thought we should ALWAYS have collaboration with physicians. Look what is happening there now. Texas delegates also tried opposing OTP, and look what PA's there have to deal with now. Some docs in Texas wanted to take away their prescribing authority, ability to read x-ray, and so on. We need OTP and get rid of mandatory collaboration. We can't let physicians and other medical field dictate it anymore, if we want to survive. We can't compromise in our current OTP negotiation. NO MANDATORY COLLABORATION or bust!
  12. Who cares if YOU KNOW we have far more training and education. That is not what the public thinks or knows. Perception is reality and they believe NP's are superior because they don't need to be "supervised" Also, with a ton of new grad PA's and NP's being churned out to the work force each year, hospital positions that were readily available in the past are becoming more scarce. Many new grads from my city moved to other cities this year just to look for some positions in the hospital. Plus, more physicians are joining corporate medicine and less are opening their own clinics. NP's are trying to take advantage of it and have started opening more clinics. Make it worse, they are hiring PA's and acting as our bosses. This is already happening here. NP owned clinics hiring part time docs and PA's. Just because you are content with being someone's assistant forever does not mean everyone is okay with it. In fact, over 90% of PA's are not. It is okay. not everyone is okay being independent. You can always be someone's assistant. Let's just hope you do not do that for your future NP boss P.S. you are in EM, right? Go read SDN. EM docs think of PA's as meat movers. Many feel that MIDLEVELS should just tie and shine their shoes and fetch them some breakfast and lunch. And you are okay that we are tied to them? No, we shouldnt be. Let the hospital or practice level dictate how we practice. Not the state
  13. I plan to run for a leadership positing in my state within next few years
  14. Wasnt VA one of the few states that wanted the wordings on OTP modified to include collaboration with physicians. They seem to let physicians and other medical team members dictate how PA's practice. First tell your state delegates to their fu*King act together and then ask for change. Everyone in VA should be advocating for NO NEED For physician collaboration and PA's being able to hang their own shingles.
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