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  1. Meg just created a group for us! here it is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1971372763181525/
  2. Decided to decline my seat as I was recently accepted to my first choice program. Hope someone hears back soon!
  3. So! where is the facebook page for accepted students?!
  4. I will start panicking on the 15th. Sooo that would be T minus 4 days
  5. I called today to check on the admission status, they said everyone's status will be emailed no later than Jan. 15th. Sooo, I would check my email vigilantly next week?
  6. Does anyone know about their financial aid resources? The tuition and living expense is really worrying me.
  7. Last two years people heard back on this day. Anxiously waiting today, if anyone gets a phone call or email please let us know! Thanks!!!
  8. In the email they said they are interviewing 78 for 32 spots. And we have until Nov 20th to accept the interview, in which case we decline interview it will quickly go to someone else. So, I am sure the interviews will continuously be sent out in the next week!
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