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  1. Hey all. A few of us set up a Facebook group for those of you who have been accepted,waitlisted, (or maybe first years who can give advice....). Hit me up with your Facebook name and I can invite you or just search for UNC PA class of 2019.
  2. I'm choosing between two schools and was wondering if other people could weigh in on this topic. Both schools have great reputations but one of them has a provisional accreditation due to it being a new program ( I would be in the 3rd graduating class). How heavily should this weigh on my decision? Would this be a deal breaker for people if the other school had continuing accreditation. Any specific risks you would worry about? Thanks!
  3. No I haven't received it yet. When they called though she told me she was going to "try" and get them out in the next few days. They sound busy!
  4. Got the call last night that I've been accepted! Super pumped. Good luck to everyone still in the fight.
  5. I'm also curious about the format. Any insight from current students? Also congrats to everyone who has received interviews!
  6. Overall GPA 3.5 GRE 160/151/4.5 12000 HC hours in dentistry. Military spouse and unc alum.
  7. I submitted my Caspa May 5th and my UNC supplemental I think it was the end of June.
  8. There were 6 session options the week of Sept 18th so I'm sure there will be plenty more! I'm excited. I'm a UNC alum so this means a lot!
  9. Hey all- I got an interview offer today. They requested I select available times from several choices and I will hear confirmation back from them on the specific date/time next week. Good luck and Go Heels!
  10. Super excited to get an interview on the 24th! Driving down from Raleigh so not too bad for me.
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