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  1. Provided nothing changes from last year, it is not MMI. They do group interviews, just like many other programs. Know yourself, know your application, know why you want to be a PA over anything else. You will be with a group of other students for part of the day, being interviewed by a couple faculty members. I personally liked this because its almost somehow less intimidating having your potential classmates right there, going through this interview with you. The rest of the interview day will be presentations, informative sessions, tours, and provided lunch at the cafeteria. Try to have fun! It is a beautiful campus, even when its 115 degrees out.
  2. If this helps, for my post-interview feedback (I ended up getting waitlisted after the first interview session), they gave me specific classes they wanted me to take while waitlisted. Most of my upper div sciences classes were through my somewhat unique major or through the affiliated medical school, so they weren't clear cut "biology" or "chemistry" labeled courses and I feel the rigor may have been underestimated... They suggested genetics and some others I don't remember. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  3. Group interview, 3 candidates and 2 faculty members - it goes by super quickly! If I remember correctly, we had some informational sessions and a tour before the interviews, then a break for complimentary lunch at the cafeteria, and a Q&A with current first year students. No writing sample or anything else scary like that. Make sure you eat a good breakfast, it is a long day despite being over in the early afternoon :) Best of luck!
  4. There is graduate student housing available, which sounded a bit more reasonable for rent compared to the Bay Area in general, but based on a lottery system.
  5. Stanford Medicine has a LOT of money, and it is very apparent with the program. The facilities are impeccable and resources are near limitless. While the website and program descriptions really emphasized becoming leaders, the one thing that surprised me was how Stanford encourages specializing and specializing - in contrast to many programs that push more general primary care. In retrospect, given how academic Stanford medical school is, this should have been expected. Some of the faculty we were introduced to are involved in the most subspecial of subspecialties, for lack of a better description. If you have a niche interest in medicine, I guarantee there will be a PA or MD or PhD at Stanford that they will put you into contact with. They additionally spent a lot of time discussing the scholarly concentrations, which I think is important since this is a clear distinguishing factor from other programs. The concentrations do require taking a certain number of extra classes on top of the core PA curriculum, which can include classes from the law school etc based on your scholarly concentration. The core classes are heavily integrated with the medical school - they really become your peers, and I think that is smart as these future doctors will have a better understanding of the rigors of PA education and therefore respect for the PAs they will one day work with. Also, I love food. The dinner was delicious. I also really appreciated that the students sent faculty out for the Q&A so that everyone could be more candid and genuine about what they like and dislike. Obviously, kinks are still being worked out, but overall the students seemed very pleased with their decision to attend the program and the opportunities afforded to them. Just based on my previous couple of interviews, I expected the individual interview to be far more intense, but I felt my panel interview was quite casual. Standard questions that you should expect to answer at any interview, and then questions based on your application. I personally wished the whole thing could have been compacted into one day, but I am no stranger to the Stanford campus and surrounding area so I felt no need to take a tour / explore further. It also seems like they really want to hire their own graduates to stay at Stanford, so if you like Palo Alto/the bay area and want to stay there after schooling, I can understand this would be a huge plus.
  6. Thank you! Hope you get the same outcome :) Waitlisted after being interviewed in August, so the latter
  7. That's what mine said in August! And I was pulled from the waitlist last week.
  8. Yes, I got an acceptance email around 2:30 today!
  9. I will also be joining everyone on October 13! I've never been to Tennessee so if anyone would like to meet up the night before and explore a bit, let me know.
  10. Finally got the balls to call them today after my interview last week, waitlisted. For those in a similar situation, the admissions person I talked to said to not really expect any updates or changes in status until December/January when they conclude interviews. Sending good vibes to everyone!
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