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  1. I believe the program has Littmann Cardiology IV as required but I think a couple people in our class who had Cardiology IIIs already were able to use theirs without any issues.
  2. Most often (in general, not Marist in particular), when rejections come that fast it is due to applications not meeting minimum requirements. I would comb over your app and Marists' requirements to ensure that you did not miss anything. And it doesn't hurt to reach out and ask why you may have been rejected and what the program is looking for that could have made the difference.
  3. Hey! I'm a first year student (3rd class), if you have any questions feel free to message me and I will try my best to answer. (Seeing the first round of interviewees tour through the building made me think of back when I was stalking this forum just under a year ago)
  4. What year are you in the program? I wonder if they want to make sure their students can pass the PANCE before putting the time to include that somewhere in the program, it is pretty extra. I work in EM now and I was really excited to be able to practice trauma simulations though so I really hope that they incorporate it somewhere.
  5. Okay, I asked on this thread because I searched about extra LOR and this seemed to have to most relevant information. Danielle's response kinda addressed the perfect scenarios and so I was curious about what happens to extra letters. Realistically most people apply to way more than 2-3 schools and they all have different LOR requirements. I know I won't get it all here but I mentioned that it would be more informative to hear from members of a few different adcoms about what their specific school does. I wasn't looking for someone to tell me that they read them all I just want to know the truth, which you're telling me is that outside of specific requirements adcoms will most likely arbitrarily choose which letters to read. Fair enough.
  6. I can see that but I'd still be interested in hearing from actual adcoms about it. You could have 4 letters, 2 from PAs, are they going to pick one arbitrarily to read? and what about the schools that don't have requirements about who writes your letters, which will they read?
  7. but how do programs know which letters are targeted for their program you know? Wouldn't they just read all of them anyway?
  8. I haven't heard anything either :/ I don't think i ever heard from them when I applied last year either. I wonder if they just don't notify people of rejection...
  9. We can't talk about the structure or content of the interview process but I would say that the staff and students were really great about calming my nerves.
  10. Some of the draws for me were that the PA program is in a brand new building that has a classroom dedicated to the PA students. They have a state of the art trauma simulation lab with top of the line manikins and a full cadaver lab. Their clinical sites are within a 60 mile radius so you wont have to worry about moving or commuting for to long during clinical year. The school is right on a river and near the Catskills. I really enjoyed the interview, the program director gave me the impression that she is really invested in making the program great and all of the students I interacted with there and online seem to love the program.
  11. That makes me feel so relieved! I'm a little anxious to be going to such a new program but all of the students I have talked to so far have said only good things.
  12. Thanks for the info!! How are your rotations so far? Do you have good preceptors? Have you felt well prepared / challenged?
  13. 1) GRE not required so I don't think that they have a code but you can self report your scores in CASPA 2) no supplemental in previous years 3) I believe they aim for 100 students between Worcester and Manchester
  14. Thanks that is really helpful!! Any other tips/info you have about Marist or the Poughkeepsie area would be great as well :)
  15. :D I'd love to hear any advice you have/info about the area and places you recommend and places to avoid. I'll be moving down from MA
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