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  1. Thank you!! :) I interviewed on 9/21 was accepted on 9/28!
  2. I was accepted via email yesterday (I missed the call) from the 9/27 interview! This was exciting news, because this is a really great program, however I am almost positive that I will be giving up my seat due to being accepted into my top choice program. The faculty at DeSales are really wonderful, and I am sad that I have to give up my seat because I feel like I connected a lot with my interviewers, but I hope that I will be helping someone else out to get accepted or get an interview! Congratulations to everyone that was accepted, and good luck to all who are still applying!
  3. kls72

    January 2018 start!

    I gave up my seat due to being accepted into my top choice school. I hope that this helps someone else out. I love Pitt but I really felt like I had a perfect fit at the other school. Congrats to everyone else who was accepted and I wish the best of luck to everyone still applying and interviewing!!
  4. I also received a call last week with my acceptance! This program is truly amazing and all of the staff members are wonderful - I was blown away during the interview. Good luck to everyone else still applying and interviewing!! I look forward to meeting the rest of the class!
  5. kls72

    January 2018 start!

    I was interviewed last week on 8/22 and received my acceptance email this morning!

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