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  1. Well, seems as if they’re being a little slow with the FB group this year and I need to start finding housing so if anyone is looking for a male roommate with a super cool pup message me!
  2. Anybody know if they wait until the class is complete before making an FB group? Need to get on that roommate hunt.
  3. Haha wasn't going to say anything but I submitted my decline email like an hour before you posted that. Congratulations!!!
  4. Makes sense, max of 10% of their class be the rules.
  5. I wouldn't say that at all. My impression was that if you weren't in the initial call group you would be reviewed all the way until late November.
  6. Just declined my interview so hopefully one of y'all hears something this week!
  7. No to both, just relax and get your head right. Not much else you can do. They're super reassuring the whole time and they make it pretty fun honestly.
  8. Just got an invite! Won't be attending but y'all be on the look out.
  9. Just received one today and my under review email was the 10th as well. Be on the look out.
  10. Yea I imagine if the 10% thing is in fact a thing they accounted for it by being more selective with their interview invites to oos people and it now is truly a level playing field. Good luck to all of you either way!
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