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  1. Wishing all the interviewees the best of luck!! It takes so much hardworking and determination to even get to the point of applying. Just be yourself, have concise answers so you can make the most out of your time, and smile! As far as invitation waves, the consensus of those participating in the meet and greet was that none of us know for sure so we don't want to speculate although I have heard the same information previously to applying as well. So we aren't denying or agreeing because we simply don't have concrete evidence either way. Hope that clears it up. Regardless, you guys should be s
  2. Hello to all the applicants of EVMS MPAS Class of 2023, I know exactly how you are feeling right now because I was in your same position last year. I look forward to meeting many of you virtually on interview days. You made a great decision applying to EVMS. Best of luck to you all!! Vicky
  3. I'm hoping my story will resonate with some of you who are dealing with the possibility of reapplying next year. First of all, don't throw in the towel yet. There are most likely more invites to go out and some of those on the waitlist often get an opportunity to join the class. It ain't over! Secondly, if it ends up that you are not accepted into the cohort this year and you are truly passionate about becoming a PA, then there's no choice but to apply again next year. You will be the more wiser for going through this process already and you have a year to gain more experience, more maturity,
  4. I received my acceptance email at 1717 as well! Congratulations to all those who have received acceptance emails and for those that haven't, please keep your chin up! It's not over by a long shot!!! Vicky
  5. Here’s to checking my email every two seconds today! Excited to hopefully receive lots of acceptance messages from you all today!
  6. @patobe82 I want to wish you and all those interviewing Monday the best of luck. I'm sending positive vibes your way. EVMS does everything possible to make it as relaxing as an interview day can be. You'll have wonderful support from the current class and I highly recommend meeting some interviewees beforehand. I can't tell you how much it calmed my nerves having multiple familiar faces that morning! YOU HAVE GOT THIS! YOU HAVE PREPARED FOR YEARS AND NOW JUST NEED TO SHOW THEM HOW GREAT YOU ARE IN PERSON!!!
  7. Bought my interview suit today and have been reading one of the PA interview books. I know one of the interviewees would like to meet Thursday night. Since I'm local I can do that and anyone is welcome to join us. Then maybe the other days we meet at the designated meet & greet places/times from the email? I'll definitely be at the meet & greet on Friday night. I am very excited for all of us to finally get to the finish line of the application process. I hope I can push my nerves aside when it comes to game day! Feel free to follow me on instagram and I'll reciprocate. @thegrayprepa
  8. @Beata I'm local and would be glad to meet you anytime. I work until about 4 pm that day on the same campus as the interview. We could meet there and then grab something afterwards nearby along with anyone else who can join us. Vicky
  9. Are there any spouses of active duty military members who plan on using the GI bill to pay for PA school? If so, I'd like to ask some questions.
  10. @prit1124 Just emailed you and finished editing and commenting on your document. Hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!
  11. Lots of restaurants nearby and cool hangout spots. Let's solidify something the week of the interview.
  12. @futurepa2020 My interview is Friday at 0745. I’m local and would like to get together with anyone that wants to.
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