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  1. According to last year, the second wave came Friday. Wishing all those remaining the best of luck!!
  2. If you didn't get an email yet, hang in there! Don't be discouraged! There are still two email waves or so left and since EVMS apps are due the last day of the cycle, there are lots of students that have accepted seats elsewhere. Doesn't matter if you get the email the first day or you come off a waiting list, it won't matter as long as you can get accepted! Best of luck everyone!!! Vicky
  3. Yes invites are via email. I thought I read that the last day from last year were phone calls.
  4. Got an invite!! First time applicant and I only applied to this one school. Interview is Friday, July 12th at 0745. BS in Public Health PCE: over 18k hours as radiology tech/interventional mammography tech HCE: 15,850 hours Volunteer: over 186 hours within last year Shadowing 4 hours Undergrad 3.58 Replacement (Last 40) 3.85 Pre-req 3.96 Best wishes to everyone!!!! Vicky
  5. @Mattmcg88 Thank you for calling! I have never checked my email so often in my life!!
  6. Last year notifications were sent out Monday, Friday and Monday. Monday and Friday were sent around noon and the last Monday between 0800-0900. I vote we wait until 1300 or 1400 to call. Just my two cents. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
  7. Oh, thank goodness! I was stressing there for a minute thinking I didn't make it to the next phase. I live in VA Beach, but I am not originally from VA. I also work at the hospital (SNGH) connected to the EVMS campus. Please let me know if I can help anyone as well. I should probably start prepping in the event I receive an interview invite. Only four more weeks and hopefully we will know something. Best of luck to you all!! And a special thank you to current and past students for their support, encouragement, and information.
  8. Question...I got email 2/4/19 from EVMS stating "This is a follow-up email letting you know that you have met all application file requirements and are eligible for review by the Application Review Committee. This review process will extend until after the cycle closes and all applicants with receive a decision by June 2019". Is this the same "application under review" letters you guys also received???? TIA!! Vicky
  9. It's starting to get real...should hear something in about six weeks, right? I'm just working and trying to enjoy any free time I have now in case I don't have much in the future!
  10. @FuturePA2022 I am a military spouse so where I'm from is wherever we are stationed but we live in VA Beach for second time now. He will be retiring here in couple years.
  11. @jphann I submitted my app 1/10/19 and received completed file email 2/4/19. I have not received correspondence since then.
  12. @medic1210 I am so glad you were able to fix the error to your benefit. I wouldn't count myself out of the running at all. I haven't received anything yet other than the email stating my application is complete. I assume I will in the coming months. I also had quarter semesters so I hope I inputed them correctly! Eeeek!
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